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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 33

1 Textiles, padding, spring and other material used for decorating furniture and rendering it more comfort is known as
1 Linens
2 Upholstery
3 Carpet
4 Bed Cover

2 The sampling design where every item of the universe has an equal chance of inclusion in the sample refers as
1 Non-probability sampling
2 Probability sampling
3 Stratified sampling
4 Cluster-sampling

Answer:Probability sampling


3 Identify the route of Orient Express train.
1 Paris – Rome
2 Paris – London
3 Paris – Istanbul
4 Paris – Bonn

Answer:Paris – Istanbul
4 The main criterion to be used in the classification of international visitors by place of origin is
1 country of birth
2 country of issue of passport
3 country of Nationality
4 country of residence

Answer: country of residence
5 Cost of issuing new shares to public is known as
1 cost of equity
2 marginal cost
3 cost of capital
4 flotation cost

Answer:flotation cost
6 National Highway -12 is between
1 Jabalpur – Jaipur
2 Allahabad – Varanasi
3 Gorakhpur – Varanasi
4 Delhi – Lucknow

Answer:Jabalpur – Jaipur
7 Determine the correct global indicator for the journey BKK – MNL – SYD.
1 AT
2 EH
3 AP
4 PA

8 The fees for operating a tour is commonly levied as
1 Mark-up
2 Service-charges
3 Security-charges
4 Meet-up

9 Largest Cruiseline company of the world is
1 NYK line
2 Mediterranean shipping company SA
3 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
4 Carnival Corporation

Answer: Carnival Corporation
10 The strategy adopted for transition to more sustainable development practices in the world at Earth Summit 1992 is known as
1 Agenda 27
2 Agenda 21
3 Agenda 29
4 Agenda 23

Answer:Agenda 21
11 What is the IATA code for Toronto city of Canada ?

12 A test of statistical significance indicates how confident the researcher is about :
1 The inter-coder reliability of their structured interview schedule
2 Sample size
3 Understanding the difference between bivariate and multivariate analysis
4 Generalizing their findings from sample

Answer: Generalizing their findings from sample
13 The attitude of copying tourists behaviour among the local people is called as
1 Demanding effect
2 Demonstration effect
3 Demoralising effect
4 Demarking effect

Answer: Demonstration effect
14 “The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary” is a famous statement by
1 Henry Ford
2 Walt Disney
3 Peter Drucker
4 Gary Armstrong

Answer:Peter Drucker
15 The Tourism Product is unique in a way that the
1 Product can be transferred to anywhere.
2 Product must be reached by consumers for consumption.
3 Product will be the easiest to prepare for service.
4 Product can be preserved for future.

Answer:Product must be reached by consumers for consumption.

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