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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 37

1 When looking at consumer income, marketers are most interested in
1 discretionary income
2 deferred income
3 inflationary income
4 disposable income

Answer:discretionary income
2 The Type I – error in Testing of hypothesis is
1 Classifying Ho for sample mean
2 Analysing Ho over µ-population mean
3 Rejection of Ho when Ho is true
4 Acceptance of Ho when Ho is not true

Answer:Rejection of Ho when Ho is true


3 What is the acronym of “CAQDAS” stand for ?
1 Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software..
2 Indian Medical Tourists, Experts, Technicians, Exhibition and Convention
3 Constant Aggravation Queried Directly and Swiftly.
4 Content Analysis Quantification : Durkheim and Statistics

Answer: Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software.
4 UNWTO Ulysses prize for excellence in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the year 2013 was awarded to
1 Prof. T.V. Singh
2 Prof. Eric Cohen
3 Prof. Chris Cooper
4 Prof. Pauline Sheldon

Answer: Prof. T.V. Singh
5 Purchase of foreign products for the purpose of tourist-satisfaction leads to
1 Economic leverage
2 Economic lethargy
3 Economic leakage
4 Economic legitimacy

Answer:Economic leakage
6 A type of tourism that may be defined as a form of tourism in which the prime motivation of the tourist involves a desire to experience and interact with exotic peoples is termed as
1 Ethnic Tourism
2 Eco Tourism
3 Space Tourism
4 Pilgrimage Tourism

Answer: Ethnic Tourism
7 Calculate the flying time, if a flight of BA-105 leaves New York (–5 hrs. GMT) at 21 : 00 hrs. local time on Friday and arrives Delhi (+ 5 : 30 hrs. GMT) at 00: 30 hrs. local time on Sunday.
1 15 : 00 hours
2 15 : 30 hours
3 17 : 00 hours
4 18 : 00 hours

Answer:17 : 00 hours
8 Transport of passengers or goods between two points in the same country by a foreign carrier is called
1 Freedom of Air
2 Cabotage
3 Self-boarding
4 Patronage

9 If the researcher does not have any control over the variables, then the research is referred as
1 Clinical research
2 Longitudinal research
3 Ex-post facto research
4 Empirical research

Answer:Ex-post facto research
10 The Approach paper to the Twelfth Plan released by the Planning Commission emphasized the need for tourism to adopt
1 development of infrastructure approach
2 ‘pro-poor tourism’ approach
3 enriching local people approach
4 benefit the people of coastal regions

Answer:‘pro-poor tourism’ approach
11 Special functions organised for professionals, socials or state occasions are referred in hotel parlance as
1 Meetings
2 Coffee parties
3 Banquets
4 Dinners

12 Back water Ecosystem was at the risk of exploitation by the
1 Local Panchayat
2 Kudumba Yogam
3 Resort developers
4 Tourists

Answer:Resort developers
13 One of the following is not true with respect to the passage :
1 Local Panchayat revenue enhanced.
2 Locals enjoyed enhanced tourism.
3 Local farmers nearly got displaced.
4 Local boats and speed boats criss-crossed.

Answer: Locals enjoyed enhanced tourism.
14 The environmental efforts are expressed in the words
1 Zoning and pollution clearance
2 Enhanced Revenue and inflated price
3 Displeasure and Displacement
4 Residence and Reserve

Answer:Zoning and pollution clearance
15 Who among the following saved Kumarakom ?
1 Resort Developers
2 Local Panchayat
3 Farmers
4 Locals

Answer:Local Panchayat

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