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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 7

1 Which of the following is the IATA code for Chiang Mai International Airport ?

Answer: CNX

Answer: CNX
3 Which of the following is the IATA code for Spice Jet ?
1 SJ
2 SE
3 ST
4 SG

Answer: SG
4 A United Nations specialized agency established by the 1944 Chicago Convention with the objective “to develop the principles and techniques of international air navigation and to foster the planning and d evelopment of international air transport” is the following organization :
1 International Civil Aviation Organization
2 International Air Transport Association
3 (International Flight Service Association
4 Airlines International Representation in Europe

Answer: International Civil Aviation Organization
5 Which of the following is correct itinerary for Mahaparinirvana Express ?
1 Delhi- Bodhgaya-Sanchi- Varanasi-Kushinagar-Lumbini-Sravasti-Agra-Delhi
2 Delhi-Bodhgaya-Nalanda / Rajgir-Varanasi / Sarnat-Kushinagar-Lumbini-Sravasti-Agra-Delhi
3 Delhi-Sanchi-Bodhgaya-Varanasi-Kushinagar-Sravasti-Agra-Delhi
4 Delhi-Bodhgaya-Nalanda / Rajgir-Varanasi / Sarnath-Ajanta-Sravasti-Agra-

Answer:Delhi-Bodhgaya-Nalanda / Rajgir-Varanasi / Sarnat-Kushinagar-Lumbini-Sravasti-Agra-Delhi
6 in 1996 it was the first e-intermediary to enter the online travel market by a non-travel organisation ?
1 Travelocity
2 Make My Trip

7 Accordingly to behavioural segmentation, buyers are divided into groups based on :
1 Knowledge, attitude,use or response to a product
2 Occupation, Education, Religion of the Consumers
3 Age, gender, family size
4 Region, density of population, climate

Answer: Knowledge, attitude,use or response to a product
8 Which one of the following is not a segmentation variable as per psychographic segmentation ?
1 Social Class
2 Life style
3 Family Life Cycle
4 Personality

Answer: Family Life Cycle
9 Antarctic tourism is ostensibly managed by the provisions of the Antarctic treaty, signed in :
1 1949
2 1959
3 1969
4 1979

Answer: 1959
10 “Caring for the earth : A strategy for sustainability” that lists one of its nine principles for sustainable development as to “enable communities to care for their own environments” was adopted in 1991 by :
4 Tourism concern

Answer: IUCN
11 Neopopulism refers to an emp hasis on ‘community’ and on ‘participation’ in taking into a account on the following :
1 Income and employment
2 Development and conservation
3 Displacement and rehabilitation
4 Tokenism and empowerment

Answer: Development and conservation
12 CBSE/NTA/UGC NET Previous Years’ Solved Papers © Name the city where the first Ecotourism Summit and Declaration on Ec otourism was held :
1 Tokyo
2 Cape Town
3 The Hague
4 Quebec

13 Which one of the following is correctly matched ?
1 A comprehensive examination of a marketing problem-Problem Accountingto understand its origin and nature
2 Interviews with people very knowledgeable about the-Experience Survey general topic to be investigated.
3 Interviews with lead users of the technology-User Survey
4 Data originated by the researcher specifically to address-Secondary Data

Answer: Interviews with people very knowledgeable about the-Experience Survey general topic to be investigated.
14 A distribution with positive kurtosis has many scores in the tails is known as :
1 Leptokurtic
2 Bimodal
3 Randomization
4 Platykurtic

Answer: Leptokurtic
15 The “Stem-and-leaf display” is a technique that is closely related to the :
1 Pareto diagram
2 Boxplots
3 Histogram
4 Mapping

Answer: Histogram

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