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History Solved Questions and Answers for UGC NET Exam | History MCQs Set 14/small>

1 Ziauddin Barani records that inspite of ban on wine “addicts libertines and debauched people built Bhattis in their houses and distilled wine... and themselves consumed it and secretly sold it at higher costs.”
In the above statement Ziauddin Barani is referring to which of the following Sultan who prohibited consumption and sale of wine in his dominion ?
1 Balban
2 Alauddin Khalji
3 Muhammad Bin Tughluq
4 Firoz Shah Tughluq

Answer: Alauddin Khalji
2 ‘It is their custom that the person to whom this (platter containing ‘betel’) is brought out takes the platter in his hand, places it upon his shoulder and then does homage with his other hand touching the ground.’
Who among the following wrote this while mentioning the feasts arranged by Sultan Muhammad Tughluq for his nobles and for foreign visitors ?
1 Abdur Razzaq
2 Ibn Battuta
3 Mirza Nathan
4 Shams Siraj Afif

Answer: Ibn Battuta
3 Who gave the following arguments for understanding his work Ma’danu’sh Shifa-i Sikandarshahi ?
‘First, that the Greek medicine did not suit the climate of India, and secondly, that the medicinal plants mentioned in that system were either unidentifiable or unobtainable in India.’
1 Ali Muhammad Khan
2 Milhana
3 Mir Masum
4 Miyan Bhuwah

Answer: Miyan Bhuwah
4 Which one of the following works was commissioned by Aurangzeb to compile authoritative passages from the standard works of Hanafi fiqh for the guidance of the qazis ?
1 Siyasat Nama
2 Nasihat-ul Muluk
3 Ahkam i Alamgiri
4 Fatawa al-Alamgiri

Answer:Fatawa al-Alamgiri
5 Whom did Abul Fazl style ‘Sada Lahu’ (‘simple one’) because he mourned the loss of the idol he used to worship, and call him ‘a blind follower of custom’ ?
1 Todar Mal
2 Man Singh
3 Tansen
4 Birbal

Answer: Todar Mal
6 Point out which of the following is/are not a form of Hundi ?

(i) Zabti Hundi

(ii) Darshani Hundi

(iii) Miyadi Hundi

(iv) Faslana Hundi

Choose your answer from the code given below :

Code :
1 (i) and (ii) only
2 (i) and (iv) only
3 (ii) and (iii) only
4 (iii) and (iv) only

Answer: (i) and (iv) only
7 Which of the following Mughal royal woman assigned land from her jagir for grazing cows ?
1 Hamida Bano Begum
2 Maham Anga
3 Nur Jahan
4 Mumtaz Mahal

Answer: Hamida Bano Begum
8 Which of the following is not correct ?
1 In sarkar, a territorial division of a suba, a number of officials were appointed
2 The highest officer of a sarkar was called faujdar
3 One of the officers was called pradhan of the sarkar
4 The duty of the faujdar was to maintain law and order in his sarkar

Answer: One of the officers was called pradhan of the sarkar
9 Chronologically arrange the following celebrated buildings built by Shahjahan :

(i) Diwan-i Ām in Agra Fort

(ii) Moti Masjid in Agra Fort

(iii) Taj Mahal, Agra

(iv) Jama Masjid, Shahjahanabad

Select the correct answer from the code given below :

Codes :
1 (i), (iii), (ii), (iv)
2 (ii), (iii), (i), (iv)
3 (iii), (ii), (iv), (i)
4 (iii), (iv), (ii), (i)

Answer: (i), (iii), (ii), (iv)
10 Which system was declared illegal in India by the India Act V of 1843 ?
1 Sati
2 Infanticide
3 Slavery
4 Dowry

Answer: Slavery
11 Who among the following did not endorse the view that the protected princes in India were mere ‘feudatories’ of the British Crown?
1 Sir Lewis Tupper
2 Wheaton
3 Duke of Argyll
4 Sir William Lee Warner

Answer: Sir William Lee Warner
12 Arrange chronologically the following Famine Commissions :

(a) Macdonnell

(b) Strachey

(c) Lyall

(d) Campbell

Select the correct answer from the code given below :

Code :
1 (c), (a), (d), (b)
2 (b), (c), (a), (d)
3 (d), (b), (c), (a)
4 (a), (c), (d), (b)

Answer:(d), (b), (c), (a)
13 When was the first Factory Act was passed by the British Colonial Government ?
1 1867
2 1876
3 1881
4 1884

Answer: 1881
14 Which one of the following was not the declared objective for the founding of the All India Muslim League ?
1 Propagate the Ideology of pan-Islamism among the Indian Muslims
2 Plead with the British Government about the political rights and interests of the Indian Muslims
3 Promote among the Indian Muslims feelings of loyalty to the British Government
4 To prevent the rise among the Indian Muslims of any feelings of hostility towards other communities

Answer: Propagate the Ideology of pan-Islamism among the Indian Muslims
15 Who among the following were the members of Khilafat Committee ?

(a) Shaukat Ali

(b) Hakim Ajmal Khan

(c) Hasrat Mohani

(d) Mustafa Nasaruddin

Select the correct answer from the code given below :

Code :
1 (a), (b) and (d)
2 (a), (c) and (d)
3 (a), (b) and (c)
4 (b), (c) and (d)

Answer:(a), (b) and (c)

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