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CSAT Prelims Biology - General Knowledge Questions and Answers for UPSC Exam | Page-16

151 Which one of the following is a useful functional association between fungi and the roots of higher plants?
A Lichen
B Biofertilizer
C Coralloid root
D Mycorrhiza

Answer: Option [D]
152 Soft drinks such as cocoa contain significant quantities of:
A renin
B tannin
C caffeine
D nicotine

Answer: Option [C]
153 Epiphytes are plants which depend on other plants for
A shade
B food
C water
D mechanical support

Answer: Option [D]
154 When ants bite, they inject
A Methanol
B Stearic acid
C Formic acid
D Glacial acetic acid

Answer: Option [C]
155 At which stage in its life cycle, does the silk worm yield the fibre of commerce?
A Pupa
B Egg
C Imago
D Larva

Answer: Option [A]
156 Antigen is a substance which
A is used to treat poisoning
B stimulates formation of antibody
C lowers body temperature
D destroys harmful bacteria

Answer: Option [B]
157 When one gene controls two or more different characters simultaneously, the phenomenon is called
A polyteny
B polyploidy
C pleiotropy
D apomixes

Answer: Option [B]
158 Among living organisms, which one of the following is the most responsible factor for bringing about the origin of a new species?
A Isolation
B Mutation
C Sexual reproduction
D Natural selection

Answer: Option [A]
159 Octopus is
A an echinoderm
B an arthropod
C a hemichordate
D a mollusk

Answer: Option [D]
160 In human body, which one of the following hormones regulates blood calcium and phosphate?
A Thyroxine
B Glucagon
C Growth hormone
D Parathyroid hormone

Answer: Option [D]

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