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Indian Economy MCQs - General Knowledge Questions and Answers for UPSC Exam | Page-2

11 Which one of the following is true regarding the Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRY)?
A It aims at creating one million jobs annually
B It was launched during the Prime Minister ship of Indira Gandhi
C Under the scheme 30% of the employment generated is reserved for woman
D The target group of JRY are the urban poor living below the poverty line

Answer: Option [C]
12 The main reason for low growth rate in India, inspite of high rate of savings and capital formation is:
A high birth rate
B low level of foreign
C low capital output ratio
D high capital output ratio

Answer: Option [D]
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13 In India, inflation is measured by the:
A National Income deflation
B Wholesale Price Index number
C Consumers Price Index for agricultural workers
D Consumers Price Index for urban non-manual workers

Answer: Option [B]
14 The largest source of financing the public sector outlay of the Eighth Five Year Plan?
A deficit financing
B government borrowings
C balance from current revenue
D contribution of public enterprises

Answer: Option [A]
15 Which one of the following is the objective of National Renewal Found?
A To develop the core sector of the economy
B To safeguard the interests of worker who may affected by technological upgradation of industry or closure of sick units
C For the development of infrastructure such as energy, transport communications and irrigation
D For human resource development such as full literacy, employment population control, housing and drinking water

Answer: Option [D]
16 A rise in ‘SENSEX’ means:
A A rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange
B A rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with National Stock Exchange
C An overall rise in prices of shares of group up companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange
D A rise in prices of shares of all companies belonging to a group of of companies registered with Bombay stock Exchange

Answer: Option [C]
17 Five Year Plan in India is finally approved by:
A Union Cabinet
B Planning Commission
C National Development council
D President on the advice of Prime Minister

Answer: Option [C]
18 Which one of the following statements appropriately describes the “fiscal stimulus”?
A It is an intense affirmative action of the government to boost economic activity in the country.
B It is an extreme affirmative action by the government to pursue its policy of financial inclusion.
C It is government’s intensive action on financial institution to ensure disbursement of loans to agriculture and allied sectors to promote greater food production and contain food inflation.
D It is a massive investment by the government in manufacturing sector to ensure the supply of goods to meet the demand surge caused by rapid economic growth.

Answer: Option [A]
19 Economic growth is usually coupled with
A Deflation
B Inflation
C Stagflation
D Hyperinflation

Answer: Option [B]
20 Supply of money remaining the some when there is an increase in demand for money, there will be
A a fall in the level of prices
B a decrease in the rate of interest
C an increase in the rate of interest
D an increase in the level of income and employment

Answer: Option [B]


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