CrPC MCQs | Code of Criminal Procedure - Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

(1) Under which section of Cr.P.C. a person who is avoiding execution of a warrant may be proclaimed absconder ?
[A] Section 81
[B] Section 83
[C] Section 82
[D] Section 84


Answer: Option [C]
(2) A Summons issued by a Court must be in :
[A] Duplicate
[B] Triplicate
[C] Writing and Duplicate
[D] Writing and Triplicate


Answer: Option [C]
(3) Under which Section of Cr.P.C. the Assistant Public Prosecutor is appointed ?
[A] Section 20
[B] Section 24
[C] Section 13
[D] Section 25


Answer: Option [D]
(4) An Executive Magistrate is empowered to grant remand under Section 167, Cr.P.C. for a maximum period of :
[A] 15 days
[B] 7 days
[C] 60 days
[D] 90 days


Answer: Option [B]
(5) Section 304 of Cr.P.C. deals with :
[A] Protection to accused against double prosecution for the same offence
[B] Withdrawal from prosecution
[C] Legal aid to the accused at State expenses
[D] Order to release on probation of good conduct


Answer: Option [C]

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