Construction work of Indian Buddhist Culture and Heritage Centre begins

Construction work of Indian Buddhist Culture and Heritage Centre begins: The International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) held the Bhumi Pujan ceremony for the construction of the India International Centre for Buddhist Culture and Heritage (IICBCH) in Lumbini, Nepal.

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This upcoming centre, located within the hallowed Lumbini Monastic Zone, is poised to become a world-class facility, drawing pilgrims and enthusiasts from across the world. Its purpose is to provide an immersive experience into the essence of Buddhist spirituality.

Architectural Marvel: The Lotus-Shaped Heritage Building

The iconic heritage building is envisioned to take the form of a lotus, symbolizing purity and spiritual awakening. The construction timeline is estimated to be approximately one-and-a-half years, culminating in the completion of this architectural marvel.

A Holistic Space for Spiritual Exploration

The center’s modern construction will house a variety of facilities such as prayer halls, meditation centres, libraries, exhibition halls, cafeterias, and offices. In keeping with modern sustainability standards, the building will be Net-Zero compliant in terms of energy consumption, water usage, and waste disposal.

Lumbini: A Sacred Site of the Buddhist Circuit

Lumbini, where Lord Buddha was born, is one of the primary pilgrimage sites that make up the Buddhist Circuit. Others include Bodh Gaya in Bihar, India (where he attained enlightenment), Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh, India (where he delivered his first sermon), and Kushinagar, also in Uttar Pradesh (his final resting place). These locations are intricately linked to the life and teachings of Lord Buddha.

International Buddhist Confederation

International Buddhist Confederation is the largest Buddhist religious confederation headquartered in Delhi. This organisation is committed to building a substantial presence for Buddhism on the global stage in order to protect our cultural legacy, impart wisdom, and maintain our beliefs.

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Prime Minister of Nepal: Pushpa Kamal Dahal

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