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Thawe Festival organised in Bihar

Thawe Festival organised in Bihar: The Thawe Festival was co-organized by the Department of Tourism and the Department of Art and Culture on April 15th and 16th in Gopalganj, Bihar. The festival aimed to promote tourism in Gopalganj and attract visitors to the Thawe Durga Temple. April 2023 ...

Yaoshang festival begins in Manipur

Yaoshang festival begins in Manipur : The Yaoshang festival has begun in Manipur on March 7, 2023, and will continue for five days. The festival is celebrated by the Meetei who are predominantly Hindu and it is celebrated at the same time as Holi. However, during the Yaoshang festival, apart from ...

Jan Aushadhi Diwas 2023: 7th March

Jan Aushadhi Diwas 2023: 7th March : The 5th Jan Aushadhi Diwas is being organized on 7th March 2023 across India to enhance awareness about the scheme and promote generic medicines. March 2023 Current Affairs QuizTheme 2023: Jan Aushadhi – Sasti bhi Acchi bhiThe Ministry of Health in ...

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