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Microreactor developed by ARI produces uniform size of nanoparticles

Scientists from Pune based Agharkar Research Institute (ARI) have developed a microreactor that that can produce large quantities of uniform size of nanoparticles, thus serving a major requirement in biomedical technology.

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The microreactor could synthesize metal, semiconductor, and polymer nanoparticles by continuous flow active microreactor.

Microreactor has parameters such as the concentration of reactants, flow rate, agitation, reaction temperature, and time. It can determine the size of nanoparticles and their distribution.

They further derived a mathematical equation using dimensional analysis to predict process parameters accurately for achieving true monodispersity.

Using this method gold and silver, cadmium-telluride, chitosan, alginate and hyaluronic acid nanoparticles of any size with the coefficient of variation below 5% can be produced.

The new approach to resolve the monodispersity paradox of the nanomaterial can be applied to other chemical reactions where stringent control on the reaction dynamics is vital.

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