Unix Multiple Choice Interview Questions and Answers | Page-8

36 Which of the following script file is used to store commands that should be executed by shell on logs into the system ?
A The login file
B The startup file
C The .profile file
D The .cshrc file

Answer: Option [D]
37 Which of the following command is used to check and repair a file system ?
A fsck
B ping
C format
D mount

Answer: Option [A]
38 Which of the following command either display or can use logical raw device name ?
A df
B du
C mount
D fsck

Answer: Option [C]
39 Which of the following statement can be used to backup the⁄etc directory ?
A tar -xv⁄dev⁄rdsk⁄f0q 18dt⁄etc
B tar -cvf⁄etc⁄dev⁄rdsk⁄f0q18dt
C tar cvf⁄etc⁄dev⁄rdsk⁄f0q18dt
D tar cvf⁄dev⁄rdsk⁄f 0q 18dt⁄etc

Answer: Option [D]
40 Which of the following commands can be used to mount the ⁄mnt ⁄cdrom file system from the ⁄dev ⁄cdrom ?
A mount -fhsfs ⁄mnt ⁄cdrom: ⁄dev ⁄
B mount -fhsfs ⁄dev ⁄cdrom ⁄mnt ⁄cdrom
C monunt -fhsfs ⁄dev ⁄ ⁄mnt ⁄cdrom
D mount -fhsfs ⁄mnt ⁄[email protected]⁄mnt ⁄cdrom

Answer: Option [B]