marquee is a tag in html to

A Display text with scrolling effect
B Mark the list of items to maintain inqueue
C Mark the text so that it is hidden in browser
D Display text with strikeout effect
Answer & Explanation
Option: [A]

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A Macro Economics
B Development Economics
C Public Economics
D Micro Economics

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A It adversely affects production
B It is not part of a right to protest
C It is not in exercise of a fundamental freedom
D It infringes on the fundamental rights of some groups of people

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A Codification of tax laws
B The concerns of the foreign investors in India with regard to taxation matters
C The entire structure of tax laws including the question of imposition of bank tax
D Aspects of generation of black money, its transfer abroad and bringing back such money into India’s legitimate financial system

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A rotting vegetables
B contaminated water
C contaminated grains
D safe cooked food

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