Database Management System Short Questions and Answers | DBMS MCQs

16 DBA stands for :
A Data Bank Access
B Database Access
C Data Bank Administration
D Database Administrator

Answer: Option [D]
17 Which of following are the properties of entities ?
A Groups
B Table
C Attributes
D Switchboards

Answer: Option [C]
18 Between the users and the database itself, a DBMS will act as :
A barrier
B interface
C referee
D obstacle

Answer: Option [B]
19 Which of these is not a database object ?
A index
B sequence
C cursor
D trigger

Answer: Option [C]
20 Which one of the following is not an object-based logical model ?
A The binary model
B The entity-relational model
C The infological model
D None of these

Answer: Option [C]


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