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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 14

1 Which method focuses on generating new hypothesis ?
1 Pattern
2 Deductive
3 Inductive
4 None is correct

Answer: Inductive
2 The feasibility of a research study should be considered in the light of
1 Potential ethical concerns
2 Skills required for the researcher
3 Cost and time required to conduct the research
4 All of above

Answer: All of above
3 Which of the following is not the feature of symbols assigned to categories on a nominal scale ?
1 No quantitative meaning
2 Nothing more than labels or names
3 May be ordered according to magnitude
4 Cannot be subjected to arithmetic operations

Answer: May be ordered according to magnitude
4 The learning theories under behaviourist category are based on the belief that
1 Child is a natural learner.
2 Environment can change a man.
3 All behaviours can be learnt.
4 Everybody can learn everything.

Answer:All behaviours can be learnt.
5 Bruner identified three major stages of cognitive growth. Identify the correct order of the stages.
1 Symbolic, Iconic, Enactive
2 Iconic, Symbolic, Enactive
3 Enactive, Iconic, Symbolic
4 Symbolic, Enactive, Iconic

Answer: Enactive, Iconic, Symbolic
6 Army Beta test is an example of
1 Individual verbal test of intelligence
2 Group non-verbal test of intelligence
3 Group verbal test of intelligence
4 Performance test

Answer:Group non-verbal test of intelligence
7 The responses which are followed by satisfying after-effects tends to be learned”, is
1 The law of exercise
2 The law of effect
3 The law of readiness
4 The law of relativity

Answer: The law of effect
8 Spranger’s typology is based on man’s
1 Interests
2 Body structure
3 Behaviour
4 Attitude

Answer: Interests
9 Who is regarded as the Father of Sociology ?
1 Auguste Comte
2 McIver
3 Robert Payne
4 Talcott Parson

Answer: Auguste Comte
10 Which one does indicate a healthy atmosphere for the social functioning of the class/school ?
1 Democracy as a compromise between Laissez faire and Autocracy.
2 Democracy as a compromise between Persuasion and Permission.
3 Laissez faire
4 Democracy

Answer: Democracy as a compromise between Persuasion and Permission.
11 The proposition about research that you do not agree is
1 Research improves the quality of teaching.
2 Research leads to finding solution to too many problems.
3 Research is only a personnel achievement.
4 Research contributes to social progress of the society.

Answer: Research is only a personnel achievement.
12 Which of the following is a non parametric test ?
1 Analysis of Covariance
2 Analysis of Variance
3 Median Test
4 Critical Ratio

Answer: Median Test
13 Which of the following statements is true for reliability and validity of a measuring instrument ?
1 Reliable test is also valid.
2 Validity does not ensure reliability.
3 Validity and reliability are not related.
4 Valid test must be reliable.

Answer: Valid test must be reliable.
14 Who has given the theory of ‘Social Learning’ ?
1 Thorndike
2 Spearman
3 Albert Bandra
4 Watson

15 Law of exercise enables students to
1 Diligence
2 Intelligence
3 Insight
4 Problem solving

Answer: Problem solving

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