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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 15

1 Which of the following students need their teachers attention ?
1 Introvert
2 Slow learners
3 Gifted
4 All of these

Answer: All of these
2 Which one of the following conditions qualifies to be an instance of negative reinforcement ?
1 Giving a punishment
2 Withholding a reward
3 Withdrawing a painful stimulus
4 Excessive rewarding

Answer:Withholding a reward
3 A child who uses a wheel chair
1 should not be in the regular school.
2 should study only in a special school.
3 should be given education with non-disabled students in a regular school.
4 should be given education in a regular school in a lower class.

Answer: should be given education with non-disabled students in a regular school.
4 ‘Individual Differences’ are given the least importance in
1 Idealism
2 Realism
3 Naturalism
4 Pragmatism

Answer: Idealism
5 What is the basic criterion for social class ?
1 Occupation
2 Status
3 Religion
4 Locale of Residence

Answer: Status
6 On the basis of an achievement test, the teacher rated Ram, Shyam & Dhyan as 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively. This is an example
1 Ratio Scale
2 Ordinal Scale
3 Internal Scale
4 Nominal Scale

Answer: Ordinal Scale
7 If the tenth grade students find science test to be very easy and majority of them scored high marks, the resulting description would be
1 Normal
2 Mesokurtic
3 Skewed to the left
4 Skewed to the right

Answer:Skewed to the right
8 “Give me the baby and I will make it as you desire” was the diction pronounced by
1 Guthrie
2 Pavlov
3 Skinner
4 Watson

9 The term “Behaviourism” was first given by
1 David Ausubel
2 J.B. Watson
3 E.L. Thorndike
4 B.F. Skinner

Answer:B.F. Skinner
10 Thorndike’s theory is also known as
1 Connectionism
2 Associationism
3 Cognitivism
4 Socialism

11 In introspection method, observation is done by
1 others
2 animals
3 self
4 theirs

Answer: self
12 In which one of the methods the “existing knowledge” is used to draw conclusions?
1 Inductive reasoning method
2 Deductive reasoning method
3 Survey method
4 Positivistic method

Answer:Deductive reasoning method
13 Pavlov and Skinner belongs to
1 Structuralism
2 Functionalism
3 Behaviourism
4 Gestalt Psychology

14 Why is Sharda Act important in the Indian context ?
1 It recommends free education for all children upto the age of fourteen.
2 It recommends supply of study materials to girls free of cost.
3 It prohibits child marriage of girls.
4 It prohibits child labour.

Answer: It prohibits child marriage of girls.
15 A student has scored 80 marks in a test of Psychology and 60 marks in Statistics. These scores can be compared by converting them into
1 Percentages
2 Categories
3 Standard scores
4 Rank differences

Answer:Standard scores

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