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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 18

1 Which of the following falls under Inferential Statistics ?
1 Arithmetic Mean
2 Standard Deviation
3 Harmonic Mean
4 Analysis of Variance

Answer: Analysis of Variance
2 Research conducted by classroom teacher to improve spelling among students in English language is categorized as
1 Pure Research
2 Qualitative Research
3 Quantitative Research
4 Active Research

Answer: Active Research
3 Which of the following is a positional average ?
1 Mean
2 Median
3 Mode
4 None of the above

Answer: Median
4 Test-retest is a method to determine
1 Validity
2 Reliability
3 Feasibility
4 Objectivity

Answer: Reliability
5 Rationalism was a movement which advocated
1 a faith in the power of unaided reason
2 the reconciliation of Church dogmas with new science.
3 the substitution of Aristotelian authority for the Church.
4 None of the above

Answer: a faith in the power of unaided reason
6 Which of the following is not an aim of education according to Jain Philosophy ?
1 Samyak Jnāna (Right knowledge)
2 Samyak Samkalpa (Right determination)
3 Samyak Darshan (Right faith)
4 Samyak Charitra (Rightconduct)

Answer:Samyak Samkalpa (Right determination)
7 Stratification in society is based on
1 Power, Property and Prestige
2 Culture, Caste and Class
3 Education, Learning and Empowerment
4 Motivation, Mobility and Material possession

Answer:Power, Property and Prestige
8 In socialization, the teacher should play the role of
1 An agent
2 An administrator
3 A counsellor
4 All of the above

Answer: An agent
9 The real carriers of heredity are
1 The Chromosomes
2 The Genes
3 The Nucleus of the cell

Answer:The Genes
10 Which of the following best describes the process of growth and development ?
1 It is entirely physical and physiological.
2 It is pre determined by heredity
3 All of its aspects are highly inter-related.
4 It is essentially an individual phenomenon, different from person to person.

Answer:All of its aspects are highly inter-related.
11 Structure of Intellect (SI model) is evolved by
1 Thurstone
2 Guilford
3 Spearman
4 Gardner

Answer: Guilford
12 An intelligent child is characterised by
1 Creative and Divergent thinking
2 Critical and convergent thinking
3 Critical, creative and convergent thinking
4 All of the above

Answer:Critical and convergent thinking
13 Constructivist learning is advocated by
1 Jean Piaget
2 Leu Vygotsky
3 B.F. Skinner
4 Kohler

Answer:B.F. Skinner
14 ‘Humanist theory’ of personality is advocated by
1 McDougal
2 Maslow
3 Rogers
4 Guilford

Answer: Maslow
15 The psychotherapeutic method of guidance involves in :
1 Emphasizes the use of thecumulative record
2 Supports the giving of advice to the counsele
3 Places confidence in the pupils ability to solve his/her own problems
4 Is the destructive method of counseling pupils.

Answer: Places confidence in the pupils ability to solve his/her own problems

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