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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 2

1 Find out the odd one :
1 Originality
2 Punctuality
3 Flexibility
4 Fluency

Answer: Punctuality
2 Who propounded Self Theory of Personality ?
1 Kretschmer
2 Allport
3 Eysenck
4 Roger

3 Archimedes found the solution of his problem when he was in his bath tub. This will come under which step of process of creativity ?
1 Preparation
2 Incubation
3 Illumination
4 Verification

Answer: Illumination
4 The pioneer of functionalism is
1 Wilhelm Wundt
2 William James
3 J.B. Watson
4 Kurt Lewin

Answer:William James
5 Nihar fails in the examination and attributes his failure to the framing of the faulty question paper. Which defence mechanism does he use ?
1 Projection
2 Compensation
3 Identification
4 Rationalisation

Answer: Rationalisation
6 Which of the following is not a characteristic of Naturalistic Inquiry ?
1 Multiple Realities
2 Generalisation
3 Human Relations
4 Value Based Research

Answer: Generalisation
7 Which of the following variances is not controlled or manipulated in a research design ?
1 Variance of independent variable.
2 Variance of dependent variable.
3 Variance of extraneous variables.
4 Error variance

Answer:Variance of dependent variable.
8 Which of the following is not a criterion for the statement of a good research problem ?
1 Expression of relationship between/among variables.
2 Clarity and unambiguousness.
3 Possibility of empirical testing.
4 Possibility of use of statistical analysis.

Answer:Possibility of use of statistical analysis.
9 Which of the following variables is continuous ?
1 Attitude towards school
2 Family size in a locality
3 Marital status of College students
4 Religious affiliation of workers.

Answer:Attitude towards school
10 Which of the following is a measure of location ?
1 Mode
2 Mean
3 Percentile
4 Standard Deviation

Answer: Percentile
11 An investigator wants to study the vocational aspirations of visually challenged children in a wide geographical area. He should select his sample by using
1 Sample Random sampling
2 Stratified sampling
3 Purposive sampling
4 Convenient sampling

Answer:Purposive sampling
12 The distribution of a large number of means based on samples of the sample size selected from the same population is known as
1 normal distribution
2 sampling distribution
3 standard distribution
4 rectangular distribution

Answer:sampling distribution
13 Two variables X and Y are correlated. This means that the two variables
1 cause variation in each other
2 measure the same trait
3 vary together
4 vary independently

Answer: vary together
14 When the questions are presented to the respondents in a face-to-face situation and the interviewer fills out the query rather than the subjects it is known as
1 An inventory
2 A questionnaire
3 A schedule
4 A test

Answer: A schedule
15 Who said this “Education is man-making. It is that by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded and by which man can stand on his own feet” ?
1 Vivekananda
2 Tagore
3 Dayanand Saraswati
4 None of these


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