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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 23

1 While measuring intelligence which tests assume that upto a certain chronological age intelligence reaches a peak ?
1 Verbal and non verbal tests
2 Emotional and social intelligence tests
3 Spiritual and ethical intelligence tests
4 Social and emotional intelligence tests

Answer: Verbal and non verbal tests
2 A student of class XII aspires to get ‘A’ in his school final examination. Which of the following will best explain his/her motivation ?
1 Need for affiliation
2 Need for self esteem
3 Need for actualization
4 Need for achievement

Answer: Need for achievement
3 Which of the following learning theories is intimately related to Thorndike’s law of effect ?
1 Guthrie’s contiguity theory
2 Pavlov’s reflex conditioning
3 Skinner’s operant conditioning
4 Kohler’s Gestalt theory

Answer:Skinner’s operant conditioning
4 Which learning theory lays stress on emergent synthesis ?
1 Tolman’s sign gestalt
2 Lewin’s field theory
3 Mowrer’s two factor theory
4 Hull’s need reduction theory

Answer: Lewin’s field theory
5 A student who fails in an examination, makes a complaint that the examiner was strict. He/she is using a defence mechanism of
1 Sublimation
2 Regression
3 Rationalization
4 Reaction formation

Answer: Rationalization
6 Which one of the following statements best describes the mental health of a teacher ?
1 A teacher handles student problems without creating fuss.
2 A teacher deals with students in a friendly manner.
3 A teacher controls his/her emotions in the class.
4 A teacher persuades his/her students to follow the rules.

Answer: A teacher handles student problems without creating fuss.
7 Synectics is the method for dealing with
1 Gifted children
2 Cognitively impaired children
3 Backward children
4 Creative children

Answer: Creative children
8 In which of the following, the principle of differential reinforcement is used ?
1 Discrimination
2 Generalisation
3 Shaping
4 Associate conditioning

Answer: Shaping
9 Which schedule of reinforcement in operant conditioning is likely to produce steadiness in acquired behaviour ?
1 Continuous schedule of reinforcement
2 Fixed interval schedule of reinforcement
3 Variable interval schedule
4 Variable ratio schedule of reinforcement

Answer: Variable ratio schedule of reinforcement
10 A student suffering from depression and sadness can be classified as
1 Sanguine type
2 Phlegmatic
3 Choleric
4 Melancholic

Answer: Melancholic
11 The progress of a nation mostly depends on the
1 means of production in a country
2 natural resources in a country
3 enhancement of output through use of proven techniques
4 the government’s effort in a country

Answer:enhancement of output through use of proven techniques
12 A researcher wants to study whether discovery learning procedure has an impact on the motivation of students. In this situation, the variable motivation will be labelled as
1 Intervening variable
2 Independent variable
3 Dependent variable
4 Extraneous variable

Answer: Dependent variable
13 In labelling research variables, the designations of variables from one research to the other have to be
1 Identical
2 Different
3 Sometimes identical
4 Sometimes different

Answer: Different
14 In which research design sampling is least necessary ?
1 Comparative analysis .
2 Experimental study
3 Case study
4 Correlational study

Answer:Case study
15 Research for exploring the applicability of a theory or law formulated in a specific situation in the field of education is termed as
1 Pure research
2 Action research
3 Applied research
4 Theoretical research

Answer:Applied research

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