Science Quiz | General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | Page-11

51 What is found in frequency modulation ?
A fixed frequency
B fixed dimension
C change in dimension only
D change in frequency and dimension

Answer: Option [A]
52 Colour of light is related to it's :
A Frequency
B Velocity
C Amplitude
D None of the above

Answer: Option [A]
53 What principle / law explains the working of hydraulic brakes in automobiles ?
A Poiseuille’s principle
B Pascal’s law
C Bernoullis law
D archimede’s principle

Answer: Option [B]
54 Which one of the following is used for sun glasses ?
A Crooks glass
B Pyrex glass
C Crystal glass
D None of the above

Answer: Option [A]
55 Good conductor of electricity is
A kerosene
B paper
C dry air
D graphite

Answer: Option [D]


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Random GK Questions

A land
B wind
C river
D ash from volcanoes
Answer: Option [C]
A Portuguese
B Dutch
C Danish
D British
Answer: Option [A]
A Business to Corporate
B Business to Consumer
C Business to Companies
D Business to Countries
Answer: Option [B]
A lay down positive instructions which would guide State policy at all levels
B implement Ganhiji's idea for a decentralized state.
C check the use of arbitrary powers by the government.
D promote welfare of the backward section of the society.
Answer: Option [A]
A Radium dating
B Uranium dating
C Carbon dating
D Deuterium dating
Answer: Option [C]
A Right against exploitation
B Right to freedom
C Right to equality
D Right to constitutional remedies
Answer: Option [D]