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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 24

1 An aptitude test should essentially possess
1 Content validity
2 Predictive validity
3 Concurrent validity
4 Construct validity

Answer: Predictive validity
2 In the process of standardization of a multiple choice test, the researcher while doing item analysis wants to test the hypothesis for each item response. The most appropriate statistics the researcher may use will be
1 ‘t’ test
2 ‘F’ test
3 chi square test
4 sign test

Answer:chi square test
3 For collecting information under Right to Information Act from five different states, the better research tool will be
1 Observation schedule
2 Rating scale
3 Questionnaire
4 Checklist

4 The procedure of sampling which provides equal and independent chance to each unit while being selected in a sample is called
1 Purposive sampling
2 Convenient sampling
3 Snowball sampling
4 Random sampling

Answer: Random sampling
5 The association among variables in a scientific study is indicated quantitatively as
1 Coefficient
2 Ratio
3 Percentile
4 Variance

Answer: Coefficient
6 If the computed values are used only to explain the properties of a particular sample taken for the study, the statistics used is called __________
1 Descriptive statistics
2 Inferential statistics
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 Neither (A) nor (B)

Answer: Descriptive statistics
7 Which of the following research tool / technique will be appropriate for an indepth understanding of cultural and social aspects of a tribe ?
1 Questionnaire
2 Participant observation
3 Sociometric technique
4 Rating scale

Answer: Participant observation
8 In research situations, non parametric statistics is used for
1 Nominal data
2 Ordinal data
3 Interval data
4 Ratio data

Answer: Interval data
9 Which of the following is not a basis for rationalization ?
1 The development of knowledge from mathematical reasoning
2 The use of self-evident truths as first principles
3 The collection of sense data in discovering facts
4 The use of inductive reasoning as a method of inquiry

Answer: The collection of sense data in discovering facts
10 Gandhian Philosophy of education is
1 demoNaturalistic in its aims, pragmatic in setting and idealistic in its methodscratic
2 Naturalistic in its methods, idealistic in its setting and pragmatic in its aims
3 Naturalistic in its setting, idealistic in its aims and pragmatic in its methods
4 Realistic in its methods, idealistic in its setting and pragmatic in its aims

Answer: Naturalistic in its setting, idealistic in its aims and pragmatic in its methods
11 Which of the following schools of thought focuses on principles of knowledge and human values ?
1 Logical positivism
2 Idealism
3 Pragmatism
4 Existentialism

12 Which of the following is the proper order of the levels of knowledge (hierarchy) as propounded by Jaina thinkers ?
1 Shrutijnana, Avadhijnana, Matijnana, Kaivalya, Manahparyava
2 Shrutijnana, Matijnana, Manahparyava, Avadhijnana, Kaivalya
3 Matijnana, Shrutijnana, Avadhijnana, Manahparyava, Kaivalya
4 Avadhijnana, Matijnana, Shrutijnana, Kaivalya, Manahparyava

Answer:Matijnana, Shrutijnana, Avadhijnana, Manahparyava, Kaivalya
13 Cinema is considered
1 Non-formal agency of education
2 Formal agency of education
3 Informal agency of education
4 An active agency of education

Answer: Informal agency of education
14 Issue regarding establishment of common school system in India is related to
1 Problem of ‘Education and Modernization’ .
2 Social Equity
3 Politics and Educational change
4 Education of backward section of the society

Answer:Social Equity
15 Group structures are measured most commonly by
1 Sociogram
2 Group Rating scale
3 Anecdotal Record
4 Socio-drama


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