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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 25

1 In differentiating growth from development which one of the following is not the basis :
1 Physical
2 Qualitative
3 Quantitative
4 Emotional

Answer: Emotional
2 Identify the correct statement :
1 Concept formation precedes logical reasoning
2 Language development precedes concept formation
3 Logical reasoning comes before language development
4 Emotional development comes before concept formation

Answer:Concept formation precedes logical reasoning


3 Individual differences will be more relevant in which of the following contexts :
1 Designing a teaching learning system
2 Assessing student’s performances
3 Developing a remedial programme
4 Conducting a diagnosis

Answer:Developing a remedial programme
4 According to Jean Piaget the formal operation stage is during the
1 Infancy
2 Childhood
3 Adolescence
4 Adulthood

Answer: Childhood
5 In schools, physical education programmes should be conceived primarily as
1 a means for satisfying the physical needs of children
2 a series of planned developmental experiences
3 a means of improving pupils health
4 a relaxation from academic strain

Answer: a series of planned developmental experiences
6 Gestalt psychologists explain transfer of learning in terms of
1 Generalization
2 Identical elements
3 Foresights
4 transposition

Answer: transposition
7 What is not a factor for influencing learning ?
1 Maturation
2 Motivation
3 Teacher
4 Friendship

Answer: Friendship
8 In Gagne’s hierarchy, the assumption is that
1 lower order learning runs parallel with other learning
2 lower order learning occurs before higher order learning
3 higher order learning goes together with other learning
4 lower and higher order learning are not related

Answer: lower order learning occurs before higher order learning
9 The stage of manifest inactivity in creative thinking process is called
1 Inspiration
2 Incubation
3 Generalization
4 Preparation

Answer: Incubation
10 In Advance organizer model, what is the focus ?
1 Development of creative thinking
2 Development of critical thinking
3 Intellectual scaffolding
4 Information processing

Answer: Intellectual scaffolding
11 In the study of personality which sequence is most appropriate :
1 Personality type, Personality trait, Psychoanalytic
2 Personality trait, Personality type, Psychoanalytic
3 Psychoanalytic, Personality type, Personality trait
4 Psychoanalytic, Personality trait, Personality type

Answer:Personality trait, Personality type, Psychoanalytic
12 Which one of the following statements appropriately describes personality ?
1 Personality is a physiological concept
2 Personality is a molecular concept
3 Personality is a dynamic concept
4 Personality is a popular concept

Answer: Personality is a dynamic concept
13 Which of the following trait can be measured effectively through projective techniques of personality ?
1 Extraversion-Introversion
2 Conscientious
3 Mental Inhibitions
4 Balanced approach

Answer: Mental Inhibitions
14 A student shows excessive concern for cleanliness in family. This can be best explained as an example of
1 Regression .
2 Repression
3 Sublimation
4 Reaction formation

Answer:Reaction formation
15 In Indian system, the process of adjustment can be described best by
1 Stress management
2 Stress reduction
3 State of equilibrium
4 State of anxiety

Answer:State of equilibrium

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