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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 28

1 Kuder Richardson estimate is used to test
1 Objectivity
2 Reliability
3 Validity
4 Comprehensiveness

Answer: Reliability
2 The main purpose of formative evaluation is
1 To reduce the burden of content evaluation
2 To have continuous evaluation
3 To assess the extent to which students have learnt
4 To help students achieve more

Answer:To help students achieve more
3 A power test is so called for its emphasis on screening the
1 inclinations of examiners
2 interests of examinee
3 ability of the examinee
4 perspective of the examinee

Answer:ability of the examinee
4 While using the Flander’s Interaction Analysis the focus is on
1 Class climate
2 Learner Behaviour
3 Teacher Behaviour
4 Class interaction

Answer: Teacher Behaviour
5 Which of the following will be the preferred measurement indicator of Criterion Referenced Test (CRT) ?
1 Percentile ranks
2 Standard scores
3 Bench marking
4 Deviation scores

Answer: Bench marking
6 What is the correct sequence in the evolution of distance education movement in India ?
1 Correspondence courses, distance learning, open learning, open universities
2 Correspondence courses, open learning E-learning, distance courses
3 Home delivery, correspondence courses, open learning, virtual learning
4 Home delivery, open learning, correspondence courses, virtual learning

Answer: Home delivery, correspondence courses, open learning, virtual learning
7 A teacher reflects on the attitude of his/her students towards the subject taught by him or her in the class. This is an activity suitable at
1 Pre-active stage of learning
2 Interactive stage of learning
3 Post active stage of learning
4 Intuitive stage of learning

Answer: Post active stage of learning
8 Sign language is a
1 proper language
2 proper script
3 dialect
4 Sclanguage without grammar hool

Answer: proper language
9 Education intervention for hearing impaired children involve
1 Language development
2 Curriculum adaptation
3 Concept development
4 All the above

Answer: All the above
10 When an individual with multiple cognitive disabilities has extraordinary proficiency in one isolated skill, this is known as ?
1 Reunman syndrome
2 Asperger Ability
3 Intellectual Isolation
4 Savant syndrome

Answer: Savant syndrome
11 On the basis of research studies, it has been generally observed that problem students can be dealt with most effectively through use of
1 Punishments
2 Rewards
3 Correctional feedback
4 Failure

Answer:Correctional feedback
12 Identify the pair of institutions which is not directly responsible for the professional growth of education in India.
3 NCTE and UGC

Answer:CSIR and ICSSR
13 National Curriculum framework for Teacher Education in India (2009) was developed by

Answer: NCTE
14 Faculty Improvement Programme is meant for
1 Primary school teachers .
2 Pre-primary teachers
3 Secondary school teachers
4 College and university teachers

Answer:College and university teachers
15 The purpose of establishing the NCTE is to
1 Universalisation of education
2 To improve the quality of teacher education
3 Empowerment of teachers in India
4 To encourage educational research

Answer: To improve the quality of teacher education

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