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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 30

1 Development of creative thinking begins at what stage ?
1 Infancy
2 Childhood
3 Adolescence
4 Adulthood

Answer: Childhood
2 Which stage of development is said to be overpowered with a tendency for ‘hero worship’ ?
1 Early childhood
2 Later childhood
3 Early adolescence
4 Later adolescence

Answer:Early adolescence
3 Which of the areas individual difference is most important for organizing educational programmes effectively ?
1 Physical features along with mental characteristics
2 Social characteristics along with physical features
3 Socio - emotional characteristics
4 Socio - emotional and mental characteristics

Answer:Socio - emotional and mental characteristics
4 According to Piaget, the most important cognitive outcome of the sensori-motor stage of development is :
1 Object permanence
2 Identification
3 Reasoning
4 Language

Answer: Object permanence
5 Which one of the following concepts of intelligence uses associative thinking ?
1 Academic intelligence
2 Emotional intelligence
3 Spiritual intelligence
4 Numerical intelligence

Answer: Emotional intelligence
6 In Gagne’s hierarchy of learning which one of the following will not be included in rule learning ?
1 Concept learning
2 Discrimination learning
3 S R learning
4 Problem solving learning

Answer: Problem solving learning
7 Educational performance of a student is a function of :
1 Ability and motivation
2 Motivation and social background
3 Social background and parentage
4 Academic reputation of the school

Answer: Ability and motivation
8 In the process of classroom teaching and learning which of the following schedules of reinforcement may not be usually found ?
1 Variable ratio schedule
2 Continuous schedule
3 Interval schedule
4 Fixed interval schedule

Answer: Continuous schedule
9 Who in the following list of learning psychologists accepted ‘Cathexis’ as a form of learning ?
1 Tolman
2 Kurt Lewin
3 Kohler
4 Piaget

Answer: Tolman
10 The idea of ‘Unconscious motivation’ is one of the major contributions of the psychologist :
1 Adler
2 Allport
3 Freud
4 Jung

Answer: Freud
11 An individual tends to show immature, self centred, seductive and attention getting behaviour. The type of personality implied here is :
1 Antisocial personality
2 Histrionic personality
3 Paranoid personality
4 Compulsive personality

Answer:Histrionic personality
12 A mentally healthy person will show which of the following behaviour ?
1 Repenting over the mistakes committed by him/her
2 Pointing out the mistakes of others
3 Exploring means of correcting his/her mistakes
4 Finding out weaknesses of others

Answer:Exploring means of correcting his/her mistakes
13 A teacher holds discussion with a student and enables him/her to select appropriate choice of subject at higher secondary stage. This type of guidance is called :
1 Personal guidance
2 Vocational guidance
3 Educational guidance
4 Psychological guidance

Answer: Educational guidance
14 Importance of the subject, feasibility and time needed for the study, have essentially to be kept in mind at the time of :
1 Collection of data .
2 Selection of the problem
3 Analysis of data
4 Writing the report

Answer:Selection of the problem
15 Questions like, “What data are to be collected ? What characteristics of data are relevant and needed to be studied ? What techniques are to be used for the purpose ?” Can be answered, if :
1 Related literature is studied adequately
2 Problem is defined properly
3 Tools are constructed properly
4 Data are organized properly

Answer: Problem is defined properly

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