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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 32

1 The school of Indian Philosophy which states there are six distinct pramanas (sources of knowledge) is :
1 Samkhya
2 Buddhism
3 Jainism
4 Advaita Vedanta

Answer: Advaita Vedanta
2 Education as a social sub-system :
1 Can promote normative social change
2 Cannot promote normative social change
3 Has nothing to do with social change
4 Will retard social change

Answer:Cannot promote normative social change
3 Which one of the following is broadest in its scope ?
1 The School as a Social System
2 Social Foundations of Education
3 Educational Sociology
4 Sociology of Education

Answer:Social Foundations of Education
4 Increasing privatisation of education will :
1 promote economic equality
2 aggravate economic inequality
3 spoil the quality of education
4 make education irrelevant for the economy

Answer: aggravate economic inequality
5 The most powerful agent of socialisation during adolescence is :
1 The home
2 Religion
3 The school
4 The peer group

Answer: Religion
6 According to J.S. Coleman there are three distinct stages in education-for-political development. Which one of the following is not among the three ?
1 rebellion
2 cognition
3 participation
4 integration

Answer: rebellion
7 The overall changes in shape, form or structure resulting in the improved quality functioning refer to the __________.
1 growth
2 quality of growth
3 development
4 quantity of growth

Answer: development
8 The problem solving ability depends upon the __________.
1 growth in height and weight
2 development of vocabulary
3 development of thinking and reasoning
4 development in size and shape

Answer: development of thinking and reasoning
9 In which stage of a person’s life emotions and their control become crucial for professional and personal wellness life style ?
1 Later childhood
2 Early adolescent
3 Later adolescent
4 Adulthood

Answer: Adulthood
10 With respect to social development at which stage individuals may sacrifice their own interests for the greater cause of the group, society and the nation ?
1 Later childhood
2 Adolescence
3 Adulthood
4 Old age

Answer: Adolescence
11 Which of the following intelligence does not stop increasing with age of a person ?
1 Spatial Intelligence
2 Academic Intelligence
3 Verbal Intelligence
4 Emotional Intelligence

Answer:Emotional Intelligence
12 In Emotional Intelligence which will not be considered a component ?
1 Self management
2 Self analysis
3 Self motivation
4 Empathy

Answer: Self analysis
13 In Gagne’s hierarchy of learning which type corresponds to operant conditioning paradigm ?
1 Sign learning
2 Discrimination learning
3 S - R learning
4 Concept learning

Answer: S - R learning
14 Which one of the following statements is not supported by learning theorists ?
1 Motivation is a necessary condition for learning but not a sufficient condition .
2 Transfer of learning to take place identical elements in two situations are needed
3 Personality of a person gets distorted by exposure to social situations
4 Playing of stage specific roles forms the personality

Answer:Personality of a person gets distorted by exposure to social situations
15 Classification of personalities as ‘introverts’ and ‘extroverts’ was first made by :
1 Adler
2 Freud
3 Jung
4 Maslow


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