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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 4

1 Which of the following is the least important aspect of the teachers’ role in the guidance of learning ?
1 The development of insight into what constitutes an adequate performance.
2 The development of insight to overcome the pitfalls and obstacles.
3 The provision of encouragement and moral support.
4 The provision of continuous diagnostic and remedial help.

Answer: The development of insight to overcome the pitfalls and obstacles.
2 Which of the following qualities of a teacher will be liked most by you ?
1 Idealistic philosophy
2 Compassion
3 The Discipline Run
4 Entertaining

3 The most important challenge for a teacher is
1 to maintain discipline in the classroom.
2 to make students do their homework.
3 to prepare the question-bank.
4 to make teaching process enjoyable.

Answer:to make teaching process enjoyable.
4 Techno-Pedagogic competency is
1 a science of using technology in teaching.
2 a technique of combining principles of technology and principles of teaching.
3 a set of skills of interweaving technology into teaching and learning both scientifically and aesthetically.
4 a competence to develop techno- pedagogic systems in education.

Answer: a set of skills of interweaving technology into teaching and learning both scientifically and aesthetically.
5 Psycho-analytic approach of counselling was first introduced by
1 Adler
2 Jung
3 Freud
4 None of these

6 Which of the following does not belong to the category of non- probability sample ?
1 Quota sample
2 Multi-stage sample
3 Purposive sample
4 Incidental sample

Answer:Multi-stage sample
7 The research proposals sent to research institutes for financial assistance must have
1 The whole plan and procedure
2 Budget requirements and time schedule
3 Definite objectives of research
4 None of the above

Answer:Budget requirements and time schedule
8 Which of the following is not an approach of analysis of qualitative data ?
1 Logical Analysis
2 Criterion Analysis
3 Content Analysis
4 Inductive Analysis

Answer:Criterion Analysis
9 Internal criticism is done
1 to verify the accuracy of the source.
2 to verify the authenticity of the source.
3 Both of these
4 None of these

Answer: to verify the accuracy of the source.
10 Which of the following is described as Magna-Carta of Indian Education ?
1 Sargent Commission
2 Wood’s Despatch
3 Macaulay Minutes
4 Hunter Commission

Answer: Macaulay Minutes
11 “Rising knowledge to wisdom is real education” was said by
1 Rigveda
2 Chhandogya Upanishad
3 Samaveda
4 Bhagvadh Geeta

Answer: Chhandogya Upanishad
12 The Oriental School of Thought is related to
1 knowledge of science
2 classical literature
3 conservation of fashion
4 learning of natives

Answer:classical literature
13 ‘Project is a whole-hearted purposeful activity proceeding on a social environment”, it was defined by
1 John Dewey
2 Ballard
3 Kilpatrick
4 Adamson

14 Who said that the school be made as miniature society ?
1 Skinner
2 Thorndike
3 Herbert
4 Dewey

15 ‘Socialization’ is a process by which the individual is adapted to his
1 classroom environment
2 social environment
3 political environment
4 cultural environment

Answer: social environment

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