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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 41

1 A teacher computed a correlation coefficient between scores on a test of current affairs and scores on a test of reading ability and obtained a coefficient of 0.96. The result reveals that,
1 knowledge of current affairs and reading ability are perfectly related.
2 the coefficient has been incorrectly computed.
3 knowledge of reading ability and current affairs are highly related.
4 knowledge of current affairs is the result of good reading ability.

Answer: knowledge of reading ability and current affairs are highly related.
2 Which of the following reflects the correct sequence in the development of Educational technology approach ?
1 Mass media, Hardware, System’s approach, Software, Multimedia and ICT.
2 Hardware, Software, Mass media, Multimedia and ICT, System’s approach.
3 Hardware, Mass media, Software, System’s approach, ICT and Multimedia.
4 Hardware, Software, Mass media, System’s approach, Multimedia and ICT.

Answer:Hardware, Software, Mass media, System’s approach, Multimedia and ICT.
3 In designing instructional system, which model of teaching lays stress on instructional objectives, process and the evaluation of learning outcome ?
1 Concept attainment model
2 Inquiry training model
3 Interaction model
4 Basic teaching model

Answer:Basic teaching model
4 Which of the following interventions for the gifted is most appropriate ?
1 Enrichment while in a regular class.
2 Separation from other children into special schools for the gifted.
3 Subgrouping of the children.
4 Acceleration through double promotion.

Answer: Enrichment while in a regular class.
5 Which of the following is not an element of inclusive education ?
1 Regard for diversity
2 Special class placement
3 Zero rejection
4 Collaboration

Answer: Special class placement
6 In which of the following areas do deaf children tend to show relative inferiority as compared to hearing children ?
1 Language development
2 Socio-emotional development
3 Personal and Social adjustment
4 Academic progress

Answer: Language development
7 Muscular dystrophy is a
1 Neuromuscular diseases presenting as a weakening of the muscle.
2 Degenerative neuromuscular disease.
3 Neural tube defect caused by failure of spinal column.
4 Traumatic brain injury.

Answer: Neuromuscular diseases presenting as a weakening of the muscle.
8 NCTE was given statutory status in the year :
1 1973
2 1975
3 1993
4 1996

Answer: 1993
9 National Commission for Teachers to deal with issues related to Teachers at school level was set up by Government of India in the year :
1 1981
2 1982
3 1983
4 1984

Answer: 1983
10 The reality is in the constant flux, hence knowledge is essentially relative in nature. Who among the following educators will favour this proposition ?
1 Immanuel Kant
2 John Dewey
3 David Hume
4 Leibnitz

Answer: John Dewey
11 Which of the following statements finds support from an existentialist teacher ?
1 Education is value centric.
2 Education is instinctive.
3 Education is contextual
4 Education is perennial.

Answer:Education is instinctive.
12 Which of the following schools of philosophy regards education as a means for social growth and economic production ?
1 Idealism
2 Realism
3 Naturalism
4 Marxism

13 In the framework of Sankhya stipulation, which of the following will not be considered acceptable ?
1 Prakriti is trigunatmak.
2 Prakriti is subtle.
3 Prakriti is directly visible.
4 Prakriti is by nature evolutionary.

Answer: Prakriti is directly visible.
14 Which Indian school of thought considers all knowledge as relative ?
1 Buddhism .
2 Vedant
3 Jainism
4 Islam

15 Which of the following core content will not conform to Gandhiji’s views ?
1 Language
2 Social studies
3 Vocational skills
4 Genetic Engineering

Answer:Genetic Engineering

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