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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 43

1 Which concept of intelligence addresses the problem of meaning and value ?
1 Academic Intelligence (IQ)
2 Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
3 Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)
4 Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Answer: Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)
2 The methodology section in a quantitative research paradigm-based article contains
1 Participants, materials, instruments
2 Participants, procedures, materials
3 Instruments, procedures, data analysis
4 Participants, instruments, procedures

Answer:Participants, instruments, procedures
3 “_____ assesses the sufficiency of the data according to the convergence of multiple data sources or multiple data collection procedure.” Identify the term referred to above.
1 Multivariate analysis
2 Meta analysis
3 Contexualization
4 Triangulation

4 In educational research, case study method gives importance to :
1 Prediction
2 Causal connections
3 Generalization
4 Unique characteristics

Answer: Unique characteristics
5 Percentile scores assume a scale of measurement called
1 Nominal scale
2 Ordinal scale
3 Interval scale
4 Ratio scale

Answer: Ordinal scale
6 The purpose of methodology section of qualitative studies is to
1 show how researcher interpretations will be made
2 present the focus of the study
3 provide general background of the study
4 describe the overall design of the study

Answer: describe the overall design of the study
7 Internal reliability in qualitative research design refers to
1 Information selection
2 Inter observer reliability
3 Extent to which the results approximate the reality
4 Accuracy of measures

Answer: Inter observer reliability
8 In a normal distribution, the plus one standard deviation corresponds to which percentile ?
1 34th
2 60th
3 84th
4 75th

Answer: 84th
9 The Phi-Coefficient is related to tetrachoric ‘γ’ in the same manner as point – biserial is related to
1 Contingency Coefficient
2 biserial (γ)
3 Product moment
4 Eta coefficient

Answer: biserial (γ)
10 In a study the significance of difference between means was tested through use of a ‘t’ test for a large group. The value of ‘t’ being 2.10, what will be the decision warranted in respect of H0 (Null hypothesis) ?
1 The H0 will be retained.
2 The H0 will be rejected at 0.01 level of significance.
3 The H0 will be rejected at 0.05 level of significance only.
4 The H0 will be rejected at both the levels of significance.

Answer: The H0 will be rejected at 0.05 level of significance only.
11 For use of a non-parametric test like the chi-square, which of the following assumptions has to be satisfied ?
1 The data should arise from interval measures.
2 The distribution has to be normal.
3 No assumption about the nature of distribution is required.
4 The variables under reference must be dichotomous.

Answer: No assumption about the nature of distribution is required.
12 A researcher finds out the relationship between three variables such as academic achievement, intelligence and socio-economic status of children using Pearson’s product moment ‘γ’. As per objective of his/her study the relationship between academic achievement and intelligence is also to be estimated by controlling the influence of socio-economic status. Which statistical technique will be appropriate in this context ?
1 Finding out multiple correlation
2 Finding out correlation ratio
3 Estimating contingency coefficient via chi-square
4 Finding out partial correlation

Answer: Finding out partial correlation
13 For computation of ‘F’ value in one way Anova, what is the final procedural step ?
1 Finding out the within sum of squares
2 Finding out the between sum of squares
3 Finding out the ratio of within and between sum of squares
4 Finding out the ratio of between and within variance

Answer: Finding out the ratio of between and within variance
14 Which of the following methods is closely related to the tenets of realism ?
1 Discovery method .
2 Hieuristic method
3 Learning by doing
4 Project method

Answer:Learning by doing
15 In terms of which of the following epistemological approaches, knowledge is considered to be multifaceted ?
1 Principles of Islamic knowledge
2 Anuman of Vedanta
3 Syadvad of Jainism
4 Dwadash Nidan of Buddhism

Answer:Syadvad of Jainism

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