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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 44

1 In Buddhism, which school advocates attainment of ‘Nirvana’ through practical and worldly reality considerations ?
1 Hinyana
2 Mahayana
3 Soutantrik
4 Yogachara

Answer: Mahayana
2 Which one of the following statements appropriately describes the position of Sri Aurobindo ?
1 Life has been evolving to a higher level.
2 Art is long and time is short.
3 Life has a purpose
4 Man is a divine animal.

Answer:Life has been evolving to a higher level.
3 The concept of sociology of education implies :
1 Use of sociology for making learning socially relevant
2 Devising ways and means of education to reach all sections of society
3 Consideration on the uses of education from sociological perspective
4 Discussion on the implications of sociology for education

Answer:Consideration on the uses of education from sociological perspective
4 Which of the following may not be a barrier in education for social change ?
1 Caste and ethnicity
2 Language
3 Regionalism and religion
4 Scientific attitude

Answer: Scientific attitude
5 The purpose of common school system is to address the issue of :
1 Evils of modernity
2 Social equity
3 Extraneous interference in education
4 Caste based reservation system

Answer: Social equity
6 Which of the following will be more benefited by the diversified curriculum ?
1 Tribal girls
2 Scheduled Castes
3 Slum dwellers
4 Scheduled Tribes

Answer: Tribal girls
7 Which of the following interventions are likely to raise human development index ?
1 Vocationalisation of education
2 Value education
3 Health and wellness education
4 Secular education

Answer: Health and wellness education
8 Creativeness and originality are processes of arranging well known facts and principles in new relationships so that whatever is intended may be achieved more effectively. In other words, this means :
1 New knowledge has been applied in a traditional way to achieve a purpose.
2 Common knowledge has been applied in a new way to achieve a new purpose.
3 Known knowledge has been applied in a traditional way to achieve a purpose.
4 New knowledge has been applied in a traditional existing way to achieve a purpose.

Answer: Common knowledge has been applied in a new way to achieve a new purpose.
9 Peer group membership has high educational implications during
1 Childhood
2 Later childhood
3 Adolescence
4 Adulthood

Answer: Adolescence
10 According to Hull, which one of the following will be called a dependent variable ?
1 Habit strength
2 Drive
3 Resistance to Extinction
4 Excitatory reaction potential

Answer: Resistance to Extinction
11 The evidence on latent learning became the basis of formulating which theory/model of learning
1 Bruner’s discovery learning model
2 Tolman’s sign-gestalt theory
3 Lewin’s cognitive field theory
4 Kohler’s theory of insight learning

Answer:Tolman’s sign-gestalt theory
12 Which of the following sequence reflects the correct experiential learning process as described by Kolb ?
1 Processing, experiencing, generalising, applying
2 Applying, generalizing, experiencing, processing
3 Experiencing, processing, generalizing, applying
4 Generalizing, experiencing, processing, applying

Answer:Experiencing, processing, generalizing, applying
13 Which of the following terms is the equivalent of transfer in learning experiments ?
1 Stimulus discrimination
2 Extinction of response
3 Reinforcing stimulus
4 Stimulus or response generalization

Answer: Stimulus or response generalization
14 Which of the following types in Gagne’s hierarchy of learning exemplifies hypothesis making and hypothesis testing ?
1 Sign learning (Type I) .
2 Stimulus response learning (Type III)
3 Rule learning (Type VII)
4 Problem solving learning (Type VIII)

Answer: Problem solving learning (Type VIII)
15 In which of the operant conditioning procedure the positive reinforcement is made contingent on the making of a response in the presence of a cue ?
1 Reward training
2 Omission training
3 Discrimination training
4 Discriminated omission training

Answer:Discrimination training

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