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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 45

1 Who advanced the concept of ‘creative self’ as the most essential aspect of one’s personality ?
1 Allport
2 Adler
3 Freud
4 Jung

Answer: Adler
2 ‘Defence Mechanisms’ are used by an individual
1 to solve personal problems
2 to avoid unpleasant situations
3 to promote adjustment process
4 to counter the hostility of others

Answer:to promote adjustment process
3 A school programme is directed at ensuring a satisfactory level of cleanliness with a view to organize ‘Yoga Camps’ for wellness life style in children. Which aspect of the programme may lead to ‘mental health’ of children ?
1 The school programme itself
2 Cleanliness of a satisfactory level
3 Organizing cleanliness drive
4 Yoga camps for wellness life style

Answer:Yoga camps for wellness life style
4 A student wants to know whether he will perform well in a particular job. Which of the following tools will predict this ?
1 Attitude test
2 Aptitude test
3 Intelligence test
4 Interest test

Answer: Aptitude test
5 For collecting data in respect of attitude of school teachers towards the new curriculum, which of the following scales, will use summated rating scores as an indicator ?
1 Thurstone scale
2 Guttman scale
3 Osgood scale
4 Likert scale

Answer: Likert scale
6 to elementary school level students on their spelling ability. At the level of data analysis which of the following statistical technique will be considered appropriate for hypothesis testing in this study ?
1 Kruskal-Wallis ‘H’ test
2 Student’s ‘t’ test
3 Mann-Whitney ‘U’ test
4 Fisher’s ‘F’ test

Answer: Fisher’s ‘F’ test
7 As compared to questionnaire, the use of interview as a research tool has advantage owing to
1 its accessibility to personal and sensitive nature of information
2 its sources of error
3 its low reliability
4 the requirement for training of interviewer

Answer: its accessibility to personal and sensitive nature of information
8 Which of the following sampling techniques belongs to probability sampling ?
1 Convenience sampling
2 Snow ball sampling
3 Quota sampling
4 SchRandom sampling ool

Answer: Random sampling
9 While using a rating scale as a tool of research, which of the following is to be avoided ?
1 Clarity of directions
2 Mutually exclusive characteristics
3 Criteria of ratings
4 Halo effect

Answer: Halo effect
10 What is the biggest hurdle in achieving the universalisation of elementary education in India ?
1 Scarcity of resources
2 Improper planning
3 Mindset of the people
4 Population explosion

Answer: Mindset of the people
11 One major function of vocational education is to
1 create employment opportunities
2 open a channel for children of low academic preparedness
3 help children become competent
4 create skilled manpower for jobs

Answer: help children become competent
12 The responsibility of vocational education at higher education level in U.S.A. has been the concern of
1 All colleges
2 Federal colleges
3 State run colleges
4 Community colleges

Answer:Community colleges
13 In which country the educational system is envisioned as a partnership between states and the central government ?
1 Russia
2 Great Britain
3 U.S.A.
4 India

Answer: India
14 Which country is the pioneer of distance education course at higher education level ?
1 India .
2 America
3 Britain
4 Australia

15 Which curricular model is least democratic in operation ?
1 Administrative Model
2 Grass root Model
3 Demonstration Model
4 System Analysis Model

Answer:Administrative Model

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