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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 5

1 The movement from one social class to another is known as
1 social status
2 social control
3 social change
4 social mobility

Answer: social mobility
2 ‘Cultural Lag’ is the term used by
1 Ogburn
2 Pyne
3 Weber
4 Marx

Answer: Ogburn
3 District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) was started in
1 1990
2 1994
3 1998
4 1996

4 Supervision is a continuous activity whereas Inspection is a
1 general activity in a common place
2 special activity in a given moment
3 complex activity in a situation
4 specific activity in a specific time

Answer: specific activity in a specific time
5 Who propounded the ‘self’ theory of personality ?
1 Allport
2 Kretschmar
3 Eysenck
4 Roger

Answer: Roger
6 University Education Commission constituted in 1948 was appointed by
1 Ministry of Human Resource Development
2 Ministry of Education

Answer: ICSSR
7 Education falls under the
1 Concurrent List
2 Fundamental Rights
3 Constitution of India
4 State List

Answer:Concurrent List
8 Curriculum means
1 all the experiences which students get in school.
2 subject that are transferred by the faculty.
3 syllabus prescribed for the course.
4 class experiences, sports andgames.

Answer:all the experiences which students get in school.
9 Programmed learning is based on the principles of
1 Conditioned Learning Theory
2 Cognitive Learning Theory
3 Gestalt Learning Theory
4 Operant-conditioning

10 According to Piaget, at what stage does abstract thinking begin to develop ?
1 Sensory motor
2 Pre-operational
3 Concrete operational
4 Formal operational

Answer:Formal operational
11 Which of the following is the incorrect pair ?
1 Sign Theory of – Tolman Learning
2 Field Theory of – Lewin Learning
3 Social Learning – Bruner Theory
4 Trial and error – Thorndike Theory

Answer: Social Learning – Bruner Theory
12 Which is the most effective reinforcement schedule according to operant conditioning theory of learning for stable learning ?
1 Continuous reinforcement
2 Fixed ratio reinforcement
3 Variable ratio reinforcement
4 Fixed interval reinforcement

Answer: Variable ratio reinforcement
13 Xerophthalmia is a result of insufficient amount of
1 Vitamin C
2 Vitamin B
3 Vitamin D
4 Vitamin A

Answer: Vitamin A
14 A child who has unusual difficulty in oral instruction may have the following impairment
1 Intellectual disability
2 Cerebral Palsy
3 Hearing impairment
4 Visual impairment

Answer: Hearing impairment
15 The child who reads numbers wrongly has the following learning disability
1 Dyscrasia
2 Dyslexia
3 Dyspepsia
4 Dyscalculia


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