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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 6

1 The child having the difficulty in picking up objects is suspected to have
1 Lower level of intellectual function
2 Sight impairment
3 Speech impairment
4 Locomotor impairment

Answer: Locomotor impairment
2 Delinquency is committed by the children of the age group
1 8 – 18 years
2 6 – 14 years
3 7 – 15 years
4 9 – 19 years

Answer:8 – 18 years
3 Which of the following philosophies are most tilted to individualism ?
1 Jainism
2 Samkhya
3 Buddhism
4 None of these

Answer: Jainism
4 Research means
1 Searching again and again
2 Finding solution to any problem
3 Scientific approach to new truth
4 Conducting experiment

Answer: Scientific approach to new truth
5 Which of the following is the first step in the research process ?
1 Searching sources of information.
2 Survey of related literature.
3 Identification of a broad area of research.
4 Searching for solution to problem.

Answer: Searching for solution to problem.
6 If a researcher conduct a research on finding out which administrative style contributes more to institutional effectiveness, this will be an example of
1 Expost facto research
2 Action research
3 Applied research
4 Fundamental research

Answer: Action research
7 A researcher is generally expected to
1 study the existing literature in a field.
2 generate new principles and theories.
3 synthesize the ideas given by others.
4 evaluate the findings of a study.

Answer:generate new principles and theories
8 The Government of India conducts Census after every 10 years. The method of research used in this process is
1 Case Study
2 Developmental
3 Survey
4 Experimental

Answer: Survey
9 Two variables X and Y are significantly correlated. This means that
1 X causes variation in Y.
2 Y causes variation in X.
3 X and Y vary together.
4 No such conclusion may be drawn.

Answer: X and Y vary together.
10 Which of the following types of studies results in findings which could not be generalized to other situations ?
1 Descriptive
2 Historical
3 Experimental
4 Causal Comparative

Answer: Historical
11 The Rosarch Inkblot test consists of
1 Five black and five coloured cards
2 Ten black and ten white cards
3 Five black and white & five multi-coloured cards
4 Ten multi-coloured cards

Answer: Five black and white & five multi-coloured cards
12 Which of the following terms is relevant to a qualitative study ?
1 Comparison
2 Prediction
3 Correlation
4 Exploration

Answer: Exploration
13 Which of the following is a characteristic feature only of experimental studies ?
1 Control of extraneous variables.
2 Study of cause and effect relationship.
3 Observing variation in the dependent variable.
4 Manipulation of treatment variable.

Answer:Manipulation of treatment variable.
14 When a researcher checks the genuineness and authenticity of the source material, it is known as
1 External validity
2 External criticism
3 Concurrent validity
4 Internal consistency

Answer:External criticism
15 An investigator studied the census data for a given area and prepared a write-up based on them. Such a write-up is called
1 Research Paper
2 Article
3 Thesis
4 Research Report


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