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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 8

1 A researcher prepared a report based on the interviews of 25 people. Under which category, this research can be placed ?
1 Quantitative
2 Historical
3 Qualitative
4 Scientific

Answer: Qualitative
2 The Right to Education Act recently passed by our Parliament is an extension of the following article of our Constitution
1 13
2 15
3 45
4 55

Answer: 45
3 Introspection method lacks in
1 Reliability
2 Validity
3 Objectivity
4 All the above three

Answer: All the above three
4 Which of the following thinkers said ‘Literacy itself is not education, literacy is only a means to education’ ?
1 J. Krishnamurti
2 Swami Vivekananda
3 Sri Aurobindo
4 Mahatma Gandhi

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
5 Which teaching method was evolved by Naturalism ?
1 Heuristic Method
2 Playway Method
3 Scientific Method
4 Project Method

Answer:Playway Method
6 Choose the correct or the best answer among the following :‘Philosophy’ means
1 Consoling oneself while facing disappointments in life.
2 A form of religion.
3 Attempt to find answer to fundamental and ultimate questions
4 Sophisticated arguments.

Answer:Attempt to find answer to fundamental and ultimate questions
7 The number of Savants [Thirthankaras] in the Jain tradition is
1 10
2 infinite
3 24
4 100

Answer: 24
8 ‘Vinaya Pitaka’ deals with
1 rules of conduct for the Buddhist Samga
2 rules for polite behaviour for Jain monks
3 rules for polite behaviour for Hindu Sannyasins
4 Emperor Ashoka’s Edicts

Answer: rules of conduct for the Buddhist Samga
9 Which one of the following is the stable measure of dispersion ?
1 Range
2 Quartile Deviation
3 Average Deviation
4 Standard Deviation

Answer: Quartile Deviation
10 The method of drawing conclusions based on the observation of each and every instance of a population is called
1 Scientific Method
2 Deductive Method
3 Inductive Method
4 Dialectic Method

Answer: Inductive Method
11 Positivistic research approach was advocated by
1 Francis Bacon
2 Stanley & Compbell
3 Auguste Comte
4 Babbit

Answer:Auguste Comte
12 Something written in a holy book is held to be true by readers. This method of acquiring knowledge is termed as the method of
1 Tenacity
2 Authority
3 Intuition
4 Science

Answer: Authority
13 A class teacher administered Thematic Apperception Test to a group of students to assess their
1 Achievement
2 Awareness
3 Personality
4 Attitude

14 A class teacher asked all his students to take a test only as and when each one of them mastered the theory of Gravitation. This is an example of
1 Norm Referenced Test
2 Feasibility Test
3 Summative Test
4 Criterion Referenced Test

Answer: Criterion Referenced Test
15 When a non-directional hypothesis is stated, the test of significance would be
1 One tailed
2 Two tailed
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 None of the above

Answer: Two tailed

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