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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 9

1 The critical difference between naturalism and pragmatism is in the importance accorded to
1 aims
2 methods
3 social context
4 evaluation

Answer: aims
2 What is meant by ‘Culture’ ?
1 Complex whole of what man has achieved as being a member of the society.
2 Sophistication in dress, food, etc.
3 Civilization marked by the use of modern electric home appliances
4 Using of computers, mobile phones, internet, etc.

Answer:Using of computers, mobile phones, internet, etc.
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3 When the findings of an experimental research are generalized to target population, the research is said to possess
1 Internal validity
2 Concurrent validity
3 External validity
4 Predictive validity

Answer:External validity
4 Which of the following do lay the foundation for curriculum ?
1 Societal Priorities, Government and Resources
2 Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology
3 Study materials, Training facilities and Societal needs
4 Psychological bases of Education

Answer: Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology
5 Which of the following is an example of Summative Evaluation for Standard IX ?
1 Quarterly Examination
2 Half-yearly Examination
3 Annual examination
4 Mid-Term Tests

Answer:Annual examination
6 The concept of advance organized was developed by
1 Bruner
2 Ausubel
3 Erikson
4 Kohlberg

7 Which of the following correct order comes under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ?
1 Self actualization, safety, love,esteem
2 Physiological need, self actualisation, esteem, safety
3 Physiological need, safety, love, esteem
4 Physiological need, esteem,self actualization, love

Answer: Physiological need, safety, love, esteem
8 The Web.2 technologies which are helping in acquiring multiple knowledge are :
1 U-Tube
2 Face Book
3 Wikkipedia
4 All the above

Answer: All the above
9 The word cybernetics was first used by
1 Norbert Wiener
2 Claude E. Shannan
3 Warren Weaver Model
4 Aristotle

Answer: Norbert Wiener
10 Education does not include the following resources
1 Human resources
2 Material resources
3 Water resources
4 Financial resources

Answer: Water resources
11 Phenomenology is a method basically used in
1 Educational research
2 Philosophical research
3 Historical research
4 Experimental research

Answer: Philosophical research
12 The status-quo of a situation in research can be studied through :
1 Experimental research
2 Survey research
3 Historical research
4 Phenomenological research

Answer: Historical research
13 Which of the following is incorrect as a measure of dispersion ?
1 Quartile Deviation
2 Range
3 MalStandard Deviation aria
4 Sampling Error

Answer:Sampling Error
14 Selection Test for admission to teacher training program was suggested by

Answer: NCTE
15 NCTE was established by an act of Parliament in
1 1975
2 1995
3 1996
4 1986

Answer: 1995

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