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English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 13

1 Which of the following is NOT true regarding the Oresteia trilogy by Aeschylus ?
1 Cassandra, cursed by Apollo predicts the death of Agamemnon, though her prophecy is ignored.
2 Aegisthus’s vengeful feelings for Agamemnon results from their rivalry for the hand of Clytemnestra.
3 Orestes, who has come back with the intention of murdering Clytemnestra unexpectedly meets her, and pretending to be a stranger, tells her that Orestes is dead.
4 Orestes, pursued by the Furies, flees from them when they fall asleep. Then, Clytemnestra’s ghost appears to wake them up.

Answer: Aegisthus’s vengeful feelings for Agamemnon results from their rivalry for the hand of Clytemnestra.
2 The first instance of female cross-dressing with the disconcerting nuances of a boy actor dressing as a boy while playing the role of a woman in the dramatic world of Shakespeare occurs in __________.
1 The Two Gentlemen of Verona
2 As you Like It
3 Twelfth Night
4 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Answer:The Two Gentlemen of Verona
3 For Coleridge, our power to perceive symbols gleaned from the world about us is related to the category of :
1 primary imagination
2 secondary imagination
3 fancy
4 intuition

Answer:primary imagination
4 After independence, although English was not an Indian language, it was accorded the status of an :
1 Additional language
2 Ancilliary language
3 Associate language
4 Administrative language

Answer: Associate language
5 Which English journal announced that it was “principally intended for the use of Politick Persons who are so publick - spirited as to neglect their own Affairs to look into Transactions of State” but failed to live up to this and amused readers with “accounts of Gallantry, Pleasure and Entertainment “ ?
1 The Spectator
2 The Tatler
3 The Daily Courant
4 The Review

Answer:The Tatler
6 The grammar-translation method of language teaching does NOT include :
1 focus on grammar rules
2 vocabulary memorization
3 inductive teaching
4 focus on written language

Answer:inductive teaching
7 Who is the narrator in Kamala Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve ?
1 Premala
2 Saroja
3 Rukmani
4 Mira

8 How would a New Historicist critic interpret Derrida’s statement, “there is nothing outside the text” ?
1 historicist critics should restrict their attention to a culture’s literary productions, all other data is irrelevant to the critic’s task
2 language conditions the way we see the world, and there is no reality beyond the ‘prison house’ of language
3 there is no meaning outside of textual meaning (contrary to the mimeticist’s position)
4 “literature” encompasses all cultural artifacts and all the values, power relations, and ways of seeing reflected in those artifacts; there is nothing outside of the “text” broadly conceived

Answer: “literature” encompasses all cultural artifacts and all the values, power relations, and ways of seeing reflected in those artifacts; there is nothing outside of the “text” broadly conceived
9 Pick out two Austen heroines from the following list who are right-minded but neglected in the beginning but gradually are acknowledged to be correct by characters who have previously looked down on them.

(a) Elizabeth Bennet

(b) Fanny Price

(c) Emma Woodhouse

(d) Anne Elliot

The right combination according to the code is :

1 (a) and (c)
2 (b) and (d)
3 (c) and (d)
4 (a) and (d)

Answer: (b) and (d)
10 The variety of English used between non-native speakers who do not share a first language is called :
1 English for specific purposes
2 English for basic purposes
3 English as a lingua Franca
4 English as a language tool

Answer: English as a lingua Franca
11 Identify the story for which E. M. Forster wrote the libretto for its opera version :
1 Heart of Darkness.
2 The Man Who Would Be the King.
3 Billy Budd.
4 Death in Venice.

Answer: Billy Budd.
12 Who, among the following Prem Chand translators has NOT translated Godan ?
1 Jai Ratan
2 P. Lal
3 Gordon C. Roadarmel
4 Christopher R. King

Answer: Christopher R. King
13 “When Fred got into debt, it always seemed to him highly probable that something or other - he did not necessarily conceive what - would come to pass enabling him to pay in due time”.
1 He takes out a large loan to enable him to woo Mary Garth.
2 He is an inveterate gambler.
3 He is paying off a blackmailer.
4 He runs a charity that has got into trouble.

Answer:He is an inveterate gambler.
14 In the debate between the two birds in the Middle English poem The Owl and the Nightingale who acts as the arbiter ?
1 Master Henry of Shrewsbury
2 Master William of Hereford
3 Master Freeman of Stamford
4 Master Nicholas of Guildford

Answer: Master Nicholas of Guildford
15 In the first scene in which Goethe’s Faust appears he is dejected by the study of Philosophy, Law, Medicine and Theology, turns to Magic art to acquire infinite knowledge. But he fails and in desperation attempts to commit suicide, but refrains at the final moment. What prevents Faust from committing suicide ?
1 The intervention of archangel Gabriel
2 His attendant Wagner persuades him to revoke the decision
3 The chiming of the bells announcing Easter festivities
4 Mephistopheles appears and offers to initiate him into magic art

Answer:The chiming of the bells announcing Easter festivities

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