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English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 17

1 What is the occupation of Max’s son, Lenny, in Harold Pinter’s The Home Coming ?
1 boxer
2 butcher
3 pimp
4 cab driver

Answer: pimp
2 Which Byron poem begins in the following manner : “I want a hero : an uncommon want, when every year and month sends forth a new one” ?
1 Beppo
2 Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage
3 Don Juan
4 The Vision of Judgement

Answer:Don Juan
3 In the second ending of John Fowles’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman Charles Smithson’s lawyer finds that Sarah has been living in the house of
1 William Morris
2 William Holman Hunt
3 D.G. Rossetti
4 James Collinson

Answer:D.G. Rossetti
4 In 1692 William Congreve published Incognita, a work of fiction which is dubbed a ‘novel’ on its title-page. What is the sub-title ?
1 Love and Duty Reconcil’d
2 Beauty in Distress
3 Virtue Rewarded
4 Love in Excess

Answer: Love and Duty Reconcil’d
5 Samuel Johnson’s Lives of the English Poets combines the following except
1 analytical criticism
2 literary history
3 personal biography
4 Socratic dialogue

Answer:Socratic dialogue
6 Which two works of JM Coetzee won Booker Prize on two occasions ?

I. In the Heart of the Country

II. Life and Times of Michael K.

III. Disgrace

IV. Waiting for the Barbarians

The right combination according to the code is :

1 II and III
2 II and IV
3 III and IV
4 I and III

Answer:II and III
7 Who among the following Greek Philosophers has a bearing on the composition of Shelley’s “Adonais” ?
1 Miletus
2 Socrates
3 Plato
4 Aristotle

8 Who among the following is not a diasporic writer ?
1 Beryl Bainbridge
2 Timothy Mo
3 Hanif Kureishi
4 Sam Selvon

Answer: Beryl Bainbridge
9 “A text is not a line of words releasing a single ‘theological’ meaning (the ‘message’ of the Author-God) but a multi-dimensional space in which a variety of writings, none of them original, blend and clash. The text is a tissue of quotations drawn from the innumerable centres of culture.” Which of the following best expresses the position stated above ?
1 A text is a tissue of lies that has no referential and cultural validity.
2 A text is a communication from the Author-God with multiple meanings.
3 A text is a force field of ambiguity where meanings collapse in the face of opposition.
4 A text is a linguistic construct without any unity of meaning and is linked to multiple sources of language and culture.

Answer: A text is a linguistic construct without any unity of meaning and is linked to multiple sources of language and culture.
10 In William Congreve’s The Way of the World Fairall is Lady Wishfort’s
1 Son
2 Son-in-law
3 Nephew
4 Servant

Answer: Son-in-law
11 Which statement best expresses the theme of Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” ?
1 To kill a living creature is immoral.
2 People should honour and respect all living things.
3 Prayer can accomplish miracles.
4 True harmony is achieved only through cooperative effort.

Answer: People should honour and respect all living things.
12 “The Comprehensible Output Hypothesis” was proposed by
1 Stephen Krashen
2 M.A.K. Halliday
3 Merrill Swain
4 Gertrude Buck

Answer: Merrill Swain
13 In Tristram Shandy Corporal Trim’s brother Tom describes the oppression of a black servant in a sausage shop in Lisbon that he visited. This episode is inspired by a letter Laurence Sterne received from a black man. Sterne’s reply became an integral part of 18th century abolitionist literature.
1 William Wilberforce
2 Ignatius Sancho
3 William Blackstone
4 John Hawkins

Answer:Ignatius Sancho
14 In Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children, which song does Yvette sing to Mother Courage and Kattrin ?
1 “The Song of the Great Souls of the Earth”
2 “The Fraternization Song”
3 “The Song of the Great Capitulation”
4 “The Memorial Song”

Answer: “The Fraternization Song”
15 In Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, under what pretext does Emma go every week for her clandestine meeting with Leon in Rouen ?
1 Under the pretext of going to the church for weekly confession.
2 Under the pretext of meeting her blind friend who lives alone.
3 Under the pretext of weekly shopping.
4 Under the pretext of taking piano lessons.

Answer:Under the pretext of taking piano lessons.

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