English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 24

1 The pre-eminent evaluative criterion of F.R. Leavis’s Great Tradition is
1 moral purpose
2 sublime subject matter
3 reader-response
4 truth to life

Answer: moral purpose
2 In Wide Sargasso Sea what is the name of Rochester’s Creole wife-to-be ?
1 Bertha
2 Martha
3 Jane
4 Barbara

3 Which popular nursery rhyme is mentioned at the end of The Waste land ?
1 Ring-a-roses
2 London Bridge is Falling Down
3 Humpty Dumpty
4 Jack and Jill

Answer:London Bridge is Falling Down
4 Purple Hisbiscus is a work by
1 Cyprian Ekwensi
2 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
3 Seffi Atta
4 Chukwuemeka Ike

Answer: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
5 Which country is Jacques Derrida born in ?
1 France
2 South Africa
3 Algeria
4 Belgium

6 Which of the following plays is NOT part of the so-called Arnold Wesker Trilogy ?
1 I’m Talking about Jerusalem
2 Chips with Everything
3 Roots
4 Chicken Soup with Barley

Answer:Chips with Everything
7 Identify the play from among the following in which a spendthrift young man auctions away the portraits of his ancestors :
1 The Taming of the Shrew
2 The School for Scandal
3 The Strife
4 The Philanderer

Answer:The School for Scandal
8 Which of the following is NOT written by Rudyard Kipling ?
1 Just So Stories
2 Puck of Pook’s Hill
3 The Secret Garden
4 Rewards and Faeries

Answer: The Secret Garden
9 In Faerie Queene what is Redcrosse’s reward for slaying the Dragon ?
1 The Dragon’s treasure hoard
2 The satisfaction of accomplishing the end of a righteous quest
3 Eternal salvation
4 Una’s hand in marriage and her parents’ kingdom

Answer:Una’s hand in marriage and her parents’ kingdom
10 Which of the following novels has the death of General Muhammad Zia ul-Haq, the former President of Pakistan, at its centre ?
1 The Kite Runner
2 A Case of Exploding Mangoes
3 Shame
4 Kartography

Answer: A Case of Exploding Mangoes
11 Lewis Carroll is a pseudonym that refers to
1 E.L. Woodward
2 Charles Lutwidge Dodson
3 Michael Brock
4 W.E. Houghton

Answer:Charles Lutwidge Dodson
12 One of the following collections initiated confessional poetry in America, a new mode in which the poet bared his/her most tormenting personal problems with great honesty and intensity.
1 Live or Die
2 Words for the Wind
3 Life Studies
4 Ariel

Answer: Life Studies
13 The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is a ______ by ______.
1 novel, Nathaniel Hawthorne
2 play, Mrs. Radcliffe
3 poem, William Blake
4 sermon, Laurence Sterne

Answer:poem, William Blake
14 In the poem or invocation at the opening of Book 3, Paradise Lost, Milton asks for divine help in writing his epic. He states that he is in particular need of aid because he has what he considers to be a disability. What is it ?
1 Lameness
2 Deafness
3 Prolixity
4 Blindness

Answer: Blindness
15 Who was the original English translator for Of Grammatology ?
1 Samuel Weber
2 G.C. Spivak
3 Paul de Man
4 Jean-luc Nancy

Answer:G.C. Spivak

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