English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 27

1 In The Trial what is the main character Joseph K’s job ?
1 He works in a bank
2 He’s a politician
3 He works in a government office
4 He is an entomologist

Answer: He works in a bank
2 Which of the following best summarises the structural approach to literature ?
1 Meaning is inherent in the word itself.
2 A language’s history explains how it works.
3 Meaning is generated through relationships in a system of signs.
4 Binary oppositions are to be avoided at all costs.

Answer:Meaning is generated through relationships in a system of signs.
3 The Australian poet A.D. Hope is best known for his

I. elegies

II. Satires

III. Sonnets

IV. Doggerel verses

The right combination according to the code is

1 I and II
2 II and IV
3 I and III
4 II and III

Answer:I and II
4 At the conclusion of Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver argues that his motivation for telling the tale is
1 to entertain his readers
2 to inform and instruct mankind
3 to assist the British nation in enlarging her colonies
4 to produce a travelogue of genius and learning

Answer: to inform and instruct mankind
5 Which of the following novels by Nuruddin Farah deals with foreign aid ?
1 Maps
2 Gifts
3 Secrets
4 Links

6 In the house of Holinesse in Faerie Queene, Redcross learns repentance and the way to heaven from Dame Caelia and her daughters, who are named :
1 Fidelia, Speranza and Charissa
2 Fidelia, Speranza and Una
3 Fidelia, Speranza and Humilita
4 Fidelia, Speranza and Zele

Answer:Fidelia, Speranza and Charissa
7 A new historical reading, above everything else, is influenced by the philosophy of
1 Jacques Derrida.
2 Jacques Lacan.
3 Michel Foucault.
4 Theodore Adorno.

Answer:Michel Foucault.
8 The Behaviourist Theory is explained in terms of
1 conditioning
2 behaviour
3 attitude
4 personality

Answer: conditioning
9 Who is the author of the poems “Elegy for Mrs. Virginia Woolf” and “William Butler in Limbo” ?
1 Keith Douglas
2 W.H. Auden
3 Sidney Keyes
4 Stephen Spender

Answer:Sidney Keyes
10 The form of Dryden’s Essay of Dramatic Poesy is
1 an essay
2 an epic poem
3 a dialogue
4 a play

Answer: a play
11 Which Flemish poet is Jacques Derrida related to ?
1 Anton Bergmann
2 Karel L. Ledeganck
3 Jan Frans Willems
4 Jan Van Beers

Answer:Jan Van Beers
12 In Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress which of the following are found in the Slough of Despond ?
1 Hope, great expectations, and dreams of the future.
2 Joy and happiness.
3 Fears and doubts, discouraging apprehensions, sinful thoughts.
4 False doctrines.

Answer: Fears and doubts, discouraging apprehensions, sinful thoughts.
13 Who among the following wrote a book on the life and works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti ?
1 Graham Greene
2 Evelyn Waugh
3 William Golding
4 Kingsley Amis

Answer:Evelyn Waugh
14 Among the Romantic poets William Blake was a total artist, undertaking many roles usually separated. In his last years he produced some of his finest engravings. Which of the following was NOT illustrated by Blake ? (
1 The Book of Job
2 The rape of Leda
3 Virgil’s Pastorals
4 The works of Dante

Answer:The rape of Leda
15 Identify the two Indian texts translated by the Orientalist William Jones

I. Abhignanamshakuntalam

II. Katha Sarita Sagar

III. Mahabharatha

IV. Manusmriti

The right combination according to the code is

1 I and II
2 II and III
3 I and IV
4 III and IV

Answer:I and IV

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