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English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 28

1 Which work by a famous poet does Thomas de Quincey refer to as “the feeblest and least interesting” of his writings “being substantially a mere versification, like a metrical multiplication table, of common places, the most mouldy with which criticism has baited its rat-traps” ?
1 John Dryden’s An Essay of Dramatic Poesy
2 Alexander Pope’s An Essay on Criticism
3 Shelley’s Defence of Poetry
4 Sidney’s An Apologie for Poetry

Answer: Alexander Pope’s An Essay on Criticism
2 “On or about December 1910 human character changed,” Virginia Woolf wrote. A more assertive declaration, “It was in 1915 the old world ended”, was made by a novelist in one of his/her novels, picking a date of far more historical moment, the point when an entire cultural tradition seemed to end in war. Name the novelist and the novel.
1 D.H. Lawrence – Kangaroo
2 Aldous Huxley – Brave New World
3 Virginia Woolf – Mrs. Dalloway
4 James Joyce – Ulysses

Answer:D.H. Lawrence – Kangaroo
3 Semiotics, the general science of signs, traces its lineage to

I. Edmund Husserl

II. Charles Sanders Pierce

III. Ferdinand de Saussure

IV. Claude Levi-Strauss

The right combination according to the code is

1 II and III
2 I and III
3 III and IV
4 II and IV

Answer:II and III
4 After the Norman Conquest of 1066, Norman French was the dominant language used by
1 ordinary people
2 religious clerics
3 the upper classes
4 farmers

Answer: the upper classes
5 Which novel of George Eliot was read with pleasure by Queen Victoria and also commissioned for two paintings of scenes as a mark of recognition ?
1 Romola
2 Scenes of Clerical Life
3 Adam Bede
4 Middlemarch

Answer:Adam Bede
6 In More’s Utopia there are 54 cities, all built on a similar plan and distributed over the island such that each city is surrounded by agricultural lands. Who does the agricultural labour in Utopia ?
1 Agricultural labour is performed by slaves.
2 Adulterers and other criminals are forced to work on farms
3 All citizens take two-year stints at farm work.
4 Farm labourers are brought in from allied countries.

Answer:All citizens take two-year stints at farm work.
7 Direct Method in English Language Teaching is also known as
1 Functional Method.
2 Natural Method.
3 Indirect Approach.
4 Inductive Approach.

Answer:Natural Method.
8 Vikram Seth’s From Heaven Lake is a/an
1 verse novel
2 exhibition of poster poetry
3 travel book
4 collection of philosophical essays

Answer: travel book
9 Which of the following is NOT a punishment given by God to Adam and Eve as a consequence of tasting the forbidden fruit ?
1 ‘Children thou shalt bring/In sorrow forth’
2 Expulsion from Eden
3 ‘Cursed is the ground for thy sake, thou in sorrow / Shalt eat thereof all the days of thy life’
4 ‘Dust shalt eat all the days of life’

Answer:‘Dust shalt eat all the days of life’
10 _______ attempted to draw a distinction between two kinds of Truth, a theological Truth ‘drawn from the word and oracles of God’ and determined by faith, and a ‘scientific’ Truth based on the light of nature and the dictates of reason.
1 Treatise on the laws of Ecclesiastical Piety
2 Literature and Pulpit in Medieval England
3 The Advancement of Learning
4 The New Atlantis

Answer: The Advancement of Learning
11 In Defence of Poesy what arguments does Sidney make for considering the Biblical Psalms poetry?

I. They are written in meter.

II. They originated in Church choirs

III. They were written by a single author.

IV. David uses imagery and personification to portray faith.

The right combination according to the code is

1 II and III
2 I and III
3 I and IV
4 II and IV

Answer:I and IV
12 In Herman Melville’s well-known story “Bartleby the Scrivener”, what does the word “scrivener” mean ?
1 Pasting clerks in a Dead Letter Office.
2 Articled clerks in an accountant’s office.
3 Clerks who copy legal documents by hand.
4 Clerks who serve as personal assistants to judges.

Answer: Clerks who copy legal documents by hand.
13 “Medicine is my lawful wife” _____ once said “and literature is my mistress.”
1 Franz Kafka
2 Leo Tolstoy
3 Anton Chekhov
4 Albert Camus

Answer:Anton Chekhov
14 The critical concept of a “Willing suspension of disbelief” owes its origin to Chapter ____ of Biographia Literaria.
1 IX
4 XV

15 Thomas Carlyle coined two evocative phrases, ‘Everlasting Nay’ and ‘Everlasting Yea’ to suggest the swing in the national mood of his times. The phrases came from
1 On Heroes, Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History
2 Past and Present
3 Sartos Resartus
4 The French Revolution

Answer:Sartos Resartus

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