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English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 32

1 Which of the following is NOT a school associated with Romantic period in English literature ?
1 The Cockney School
2 The Fireside School
3 The Lake School
4 The Satanic School

Answer: The Fireside School
2 The idea of “new ethnicities” in post-war Britain was advanced by __________.
1 Donald Hall
2 Stuart Hall
3 Paul Gilroy
4 Hanif Kureishi

Answer:Stuart Hall
3 In Tristram Shandy the narrator’s presentation of his life and opinions is __________.
1 linear
2 digressive
3 chronological
4 rounded

4 The famous sonnet of John Milton beginning “When I consider how my light is spent...” ends with __________.
1 Before me stares a wolfish eye, Behind me creeps a groan or sigh
2 They also serve who only stand and wait
3 And - which is more - you’ll be a Man, my son !
4 And bless him for the sake of him that’s gone

Answer: They also serve who only stand and wait
5 Her vision was of several caves. She saw herself in one, and she was also outside it, watching its entrance, for Aziz to pass in. She failed to locate him. It was the doubt that had often visited her, but solid and attractive, like the hills. “I am not –” speech was more difficult than vision. “I am not quite sure”.
The above extract from A Passage to India is about Adela’s cave experience. Who is questioning Adela ?
1 Mrs. Moore
2 Mr. McBryde
3 Fielding
4 Ronney Heaslop

Answer:Mr. McBryde
6 Thomas and Henrietta Bowdler’s edition of The Family Shakespeare gave rise to the word “Bowdlerize”. What does it mean ?
1 the expurgation of indelicate language.
2 the modernization of archaic vocabulary.
3 the insertion of bawdy songs.
4 the expansion of female characters.

Answer:the expurgation of indelicate language.
7 First follow __________ and your judgement frame. By her just __________ , which is still the same. Supply the appropriate words to fill in the blanks.
1 wit, law.
2 reason, rule.
3 nature, standard.
4 sense, criterion.

Answer:nature, standard.
8 Preparation of vocabulary list for the purpose of English language teaching was carried out by __________.
1 Otto Jespersen
2 Noam Chomsky
3 N.S. Prabhu
4 Michael West

Answer: Michael West
9 Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri prefer to use “Empire” rather than imperialism. According to them :
1 There is only one empire and we had better recognize it. Hence the Empire with E upper case
2 There may be many empires but only one is patently visible and operational. That is denoted by Empire with E upper case
3 The present day empire does not have an identifiable location or centre. Hence we ought to differentiate this view of Empire with E upper case
4 The culturally dominant global empire is the only one that really matters. We signify that Empire with E upper case

Answer:The present day empire does not have an identifiable location or centre. Hence we ought to differentiate this view of Empire with E upper case
10 Who among the following critics discerned in the Shelleyan Lyric the signs “of adolescence” ?
1 F.R. Leavis
2 T.S. Eliot
3 Cleanth Brooks
4 I.A. Richards

Answer: T.S. Eliot
11 Two among the following critical journals became strongly associated with New Criticism.

(a) Partisan Review

(b) Southern Review

(c) Kenyon Review

(d) Hudson Review

The right combination according to the code is :

1 (a) and (b)
2 (a) and (d)
3 (b) and (c)
4 (c) and (d)

Answer: (b) and (c)
12 Which of the following characters in The White Devil describes the glory of great men as : “Glories, like glow worms a far off shine bright / But looked to near have neither heat nor light”.
1 Vittoria
2 Lodovico
3 Flamineo
4 Cornelia

Answer: Flamineo
13 In which of Philip Larkin’s poem does he refer to “long uneven lines” of men waiting to be enlisted for the war ?
(“Never such innocence again” concludes the poem)
1 “Mr. Bleaney”
2 “Mc MXIV”
3 “Ambulances”
4 “Sad Steps”

Answer:“Mc MXIV”
14 In Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa one morning found himself changed in his bed to a monstrous kind of vermin. The most difficult thing for Samsa was :
1 to look at his image in the mirror
2 to remember what happened the day before
3 to communicate with anyone
4 to brush his teeth

Answer:to communicate with anyone
15 Identify the individual who is a nihilist from the following :
1 Pechorin in A Hero of Our Times
2 Bazarov in Fathers and Sons
3 Levin in Anna Karenina
4 Oblomov in Oblomov

Answer:Bazarov in Fathers and Sons

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