English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 37

1 Which of the following is NOT mentioned as part of the London locale in The Waste Land ?
1 St. Magnus Martyr
2 King Arthur Street
3 St. Mary Woolnoth
4 Lower Thames Street

Answer: King Arthur Street
2 Which of the following novels is NOT written by Jean Rhys ?
1 After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie
2 Good Morning, Midnight
3 The Quiet American
4 Wide Sargasso Sea

Answer:The Quiet American
3 The first official royal Poet Laureate in English literary history was _______.
1 Ben Jonson
2 William Davenant
3 John Dryden
4 Thomas Shadwell

Answer:John Dryden
4 The Theory of Natural Selection is attributed to ________.
1 Arthur Schopenhauer
2 Charles Darwin
3 A.N. Whitehead
4 Aldous Huxley

Answer: Charles Darwin
5 Which character in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies maintains, “Life is scientific” ?
1 Simon
2 Piggy
3 Ralph
4 Jack

6 How did Chaucer’s Pardoner make his living ?
1 By selling stolen cattle from the neighbourhood ottery
2 By selling indulgences to those who committed sins
3 By pardoning those who stole property or committed other crimes
4 By assisting the Friar in Church services

Answer:By selling indulgences to those who committed sins
7 From among the following, identify Coleridge’s companion in a fanciful scheme to establish a Utopian community of free love on the banks of the Susquehaina river ?
1 Lord Byron
2 Robert Southey
3 William Hazlitt
4 William Wordsworth

Answer:Robert Southey
8 Which of the following novels by H.G. Wells is about the condition of England as Empire ?
1 The Island of Dr. Moreau
2 The War of the Worlds
3 Tono-Bungay
4 The Invisible Man

Answer: Tono-Bungay
9 Joothan by Om Prakash Valmiki is
1 a collection of poems
2 a play
3 an autobiography
4 a novel

Answer:an autobiography
10 Who among the following wrote a poem comparing a lover’s heart to a hand grenade ?
1 John Donne
2 Abraham Cowley
3 Wilfred Owen
4 Robert Graves

Answer: Abraham Cowley
11 The Uncertainty Principle is attributed to
1 William James
2 Werner Heisenberg
3 John Dewey
4 Charles Darwin

Answer: Werner Heisenberg
12 “Jabberwocky” is a creation in _______.
1 Edward Lear’s poetry
2 Lewis Carroll’s work
3 Charles Dickens’s Martin Chuzzlewit
4 Thomas Hardy’s Woodlanders

Answer: Lewis Carroll’s work
13 Who are Didi and Gogo ?
1 They are two characters in Endgame.
2 They are nicknames, respectively, for Lucky and Pozzo.
3 They are nicknames, respectively, for Vladimir and Estragon.
4 They are two characters in Breath.

Answer:They are nicknames, respectively, for Vladimir and Estragon.
14 Who among the following theorists talks about “the circulation of social energy” ?
1 Raymond Williams
2 Stephen Greenblatt
3 Antonio Gramsci
4 Haydon White

Answer:Stephen Greenblatt
15 How many legends of good women could Chaucer complete in his The Legend of Good Women ?
1 Six
2 Seven
3 Eight
4 Nine


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