English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 40

1 Seamus Heaney’s famous poem “Digging” forms a part of his celebrated collection called
1 North
2 Death of a Naturalist
3 Field Work
4 Door into the Dark

Answer: Death of a Naturalist
2 The first major report on The Teaching of English in England was published in 1921. It is known as ________, named after the Chair, Board of Education, _______.
1 the Newbolt Report; Sir Henry Newbolt
2 the Wood’s Despatch; Charles Wood, Lord Halifax
3 the Chatham Report; Earl John Chatham
4 the Landow Document; Sir George Landow

Answer:the Newbolt Report; Sir Henry Newbolt
3 Who first developed the notion of ‘competence’ in language studies ?
1 Dell Hymes
2 Noam Chomsky
3 Leech and Svartvik
4 Henry Sweet

Answer:Noam Chomsky
4 In 1722 the Crown awarded a certain English merchant a patent to manufacture copper coins for Ireland. Jonathan Swift intervened by way of composing a series of letters in response, better known as The Drapier’s Letters. Who was the merchant ?
1 Isaac Bickerstaff
2 William Bickerstaff
3 William Wood
4 William Sacheverell

Answer: William Wood
“While the world moves
In appentency on its metalled way
Of time past and time future”
These lines are from :
1 “Little Gidding”
2 “Dry Salvages”
3 “Burnt Norton”
4 “East Coker”

Answer:“Burnt Norton”
6 ‘Homonyms’ are words that _______
1 are pronounced differently but have the same meaning.
2 refer to both the male and female of the human species.
3 are spelt similarly but have different meanings.
4 refer to people who live in houses with similar structures.

Answer:are spelt similarly but have different meanings.
7 Michel Foucault’s earlier “archaeological” study is found in
1 Power/Knowledge
2 Social Theory and Transgression
3 The Birth of the Clinic
4 Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics

Answer:The Birth of the Clinic
8 Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison is widely recognized as a masterpiece. It is also one of the finest examples of
1 science fiction.
2 picaresque novel.
3 coming-of-age novel.
4 crime thriller.

Answer: coming-of-age novel.
9 Who, from among the following, has NOT been discussed by Simon-de-Bevoir in “The Myth of Woman in Five Authors” in The Second Sex ?
1 Montherlant
2 Lawrence
3 Stendhal
4 Kafka

10 In a collection of essays Orhan Pamuk shares how he writes his novels, tells about his friendship with his daughter, talks about his loneliness and happiness. Identify the text :
1 Other Colors
2 The Silent House
3 The Black Book
4 The White Castle

Answer: Other Colors
11 Two of the following plays won the Sultan Padamsee Prize for Indian plays in English :


II. Where There’s a Will

III. Larins Sahib

IV. Doongaji House

The right combination according to the code is :

1 III and IV
2 I and III
3 II and III
4 I and IV

Answer: III and IV
12 Who among the following is NOT an Australian writer ?
1 Morris West
2 Patrick White
3 Thomas Keneally
4 Bill Pearson

Answer: Bill Pearson
13 After Independence, Mulk Raj Anand, wrote a number of semi-autobiographical works to narrate chunks of his own life through a fictional persona. The name he gave this persona is _______.
1 Lal Singh
2 Krishan Chander
3 Puran Singh
4 Rahul Singh

Answer:Krishan Chander
14 In More’s Utopia, the fictional traveller Raphael Hythloday’s second name in Greek means
1 Dispenser of Justice
2 Dispenser of Nonsense
3 Dispenser of Grace
4 Dispenser of Mercy

Answer:Dispenser of Nonsense
“You do not dwell in me nor I in you
however much I pander to your name”

1 Christ
2 The Devil
3 The poet’s beloved
4 The poet’s enemy


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