English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 43

1 Which British University figures in William Wordsworth’s Prelude ?
1 Durham
2 Glasgow
3 Cambridge
4 Oxford

Answer: Cambridge
2 Who is the author of A Woman Killed with Kindness ?
1 John Marston
2 Thomas Middleton
3 John Fletcher
4 Thomas Heywood

Answer:Thomas Heywood
3 In William Congreve’s The Way of the World identify the speaker of the line : “One’s cruelty is one’s power, and when one parts with one’s cruelty, one parts with one’s power.”
1 Mirabell
2 Witwoud
3 Millamant
4 Mincing

4 T.S. Eliot found spiritual support in
1 Christianity
2 Hinduism
3 Buddhism
4 Judaism

Answer: Christianity
5 By what name is Gulliver known in Brobdingnag ?
1 Grildrig
2 Glumdalclitch
3 Splacknuck
4 Mannikin

6 Who among the following was born in India ?
1 Paul Scott
2 Lawrence Durrell
3 E.M. Forster
4 V.S. Naipaul

Answer:Lawrence Durrell
7 What metaphor does Edmund Spenser employ (Faerie Queene Book 1 Canto 12) to frame his tale and to describe the relationship between the tale and its readers ?
1 That of a caravan of lost souls, traversing a desert.
2 That of a stagecoach, which picks up diverse passengers along the way.
3 That of a ship filled with jolly mariners.
4 That of a riderless horse, following his own direction.

Answer:That of a ship filled with jolly mariners.
8 Who among the following is not associated with Russian formalism ?
1 Roman Jakobson
2 Georges Poulet
3 Boris Eichenbaum
4 Victor Shklovsky

Answer: Georges Poulet
9 Which character in Dickens keeps on hoping that “something will turn up” ?
1 Barkis
2 Micawber
3 Uriah Heep
4 Miss Havisham

10 What is the name of the boat that rescues Ishmael in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick ?
1 Pequod
2 Rachel
3 Hagar
4 Sphinx

Answer: Rachel
11 Northanger Abbey is a parody of the _______ romance.
1 Oriental
2 French
3 Gothic
4 Popular

Answer: Gothic
12 Which of the following is another term to describe “art for art’s sake” ?
1 Aestheticism
2 Didacticism
3 Realism
4 Neo-realism

Answer: Aestheticism
13 The statement that there are “none so credulous as infidels” is an illustration of
1 Oxymoron
2 Antithesis
3 Paradox
4 Metonomy

14 Who narrates Heart of Darkness ?
1 Marlow
2 Director of Companies
3 Kurtz
4 An unnamed narrator

Answer:An unnamed narrator
15 The Mistakes of a Night is the subtitle of
1 The Conscious Lovers
2 The Good Natur’d Man
3 She Stoops to Conquer
4 The Rivals

Answer:She Stoops to Conquer

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