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English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 52

1 In his poem “Whispers of Immortality” T.S. Eliot says that a dramatist “was much possessed by death / And saw the skull beneath the skin” and a poet “knew the anguish of the marrow / The ague of the skeleton.” Who are the dramatist and the poet referred to by Eliot ?
1 Christopher Marlowe and Andrew Marvell
2 John Webster and John Donne
3 Seneca and Homer
4 Thomas Kyd and Henry Vaughan

Answer: John Webster and John Donne
2 Functional Communicative Approach in English Language Teaching is in opposition to
1 Structural Approach
2 Comprehensive Approach
3 Translation and Grammar Method
4 Functional Approach

Answer:Structural Approach
3 According to Julia Kristeva, it is the eruption of the _______ within the _________ that provides the creative and innovative impulse of modern poetic language.
1 individual, tradition
2 specific, generic
3 semiotic, symbolic
4 particular, general

Answer:semiotic, symbolic
4 In Crime and Punishment which character speaks the following words. Who/what are they addressed to ?
“I waited for you impatiently…. all this blasted psychology is a double-edged weapon.”
1 Svidrigailov to the pistol with which he shoots himself
2 Katherine Ivanovna to Marmeladov
3 Porfiry Petrovich to Raskolnikov
4 Raskolnikov to the Bible he finds in the prison cell in Siberia

Answer: Porfiry Petrovich to Raskolnikov
5 What three Germanic tribes invaded Britons in the fifth century AD, bringing with them the roots of modern English ?
1 The Danes, Saxons and Celts
2 The Celts, Jutes and Saxons
3 The Saxons, Danes and Angles
4 The Jutes, Angles and Saxons

Answer:The Jutes, Angles and Saxons
6 Which of the following is not a part of the series of poems called Jejuri, written by Arun Kolatkar ?
1 “Yeshwant Rao”
2 “Chaitanya”
3 “The Priest”
4 “An Old Man”

Answer:“An Old Man”
7 Bertolt Brecht’s concept of alienation was a rejection of the idea that realism was the only mode of art a critique of capitalist society should produce. Alienation is best described as
1 making the audience feel that they do not belong.
2 distancing artistic conventions to prevent an emotional catharsis.
3 scripting unnatural behaviour on stage.
4 a rejection of capitalism or the market.

Answer:distancing artistic conventions to prevent an emotional catharsis.
8 Ngugi wa Thiongo changed the medium of his writing from English to _________.
1 Swahili
2 Yoruba
3 Xhosa
4 Gikuyu

Answer: Gikuyu
9 Which of the following ancient critics does Alexander Pope commend as exemplary in Essay on Criticism ?
1 Aristotle, Quintilian, Dryden, Dionysius, Horace.
2 Aristotle, Longinus, Quintilian, Durfey, Dryden.
3 Aristotle, Horace, Dionysius, Quintilian, Longinus.
4 Aristotle, Horace, Durfey, Quintilian, Longinus.

Answer:Aristotle, Horace, Dionysius, Quintilian, Longinus.
10 Which of the following poems by Philip Larkin is best described as a self-elegy, anticipating the poet’s death ?
1 “The Old Fools”.
2 “Aubade”.
3 “Ambulances”.
4 “Faith Healing”.

Answer: “Aubade”.
11 In John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress what is the first obstacle encountered by Christian on his progress ?
1 The Slough of Despond
2 Vanity Fair
3 The River of Death
4 The Swamp of Despair

Answer: Vanity Fair
12 Identify the correct chronological sequence of publication of the four parts of The Four Quartets.
1 Burnt Norton – The Dry Salvages – East Coker – Little Gidding
2 Burnt Norton – Little Gidding –The Dry Salvages – East Coker
3 Burnt Norton – East Coker – The Dry Salvages – Little Gidding
4 Little Gidding – Burnt Norton – The Dry Salvages – East Coker

Answer: Burnt Norton – East Coker – The Dry Salvages – Little Gidding
13 Which of the following is not true of the novels of Charles Dickens ?
1 They deal with the problems of the discontents of an urban civilization.
2 The plots are strikingly tight-knit.
3 They share a sense of fun and determining optimism.
4 They incorporate elements of popular contemporary culture.

Answer:The plots are strikingly tight-knit.
14 Published in 1604, the first monolingual English Dictionary was
1 Nathaniel Bailey’s Universal Etymological Dictionary of the English Language
2 Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language
3 Robert Cawdrey’s Table Alphabetical
4 Thomas Blount’s Glossographia

Answer:Robert Cawdrey’s Table Alphabetical
15 In the opening pages of one of Thomas Mann’s novels we can see space itself becoming a form of time : “Space, like time, engenders forgetfulness but it does so by setting us bodily free from our surroundings and giving us back our primitive unattached state.” Which is the novel ?
1 Doctor Faustus
2 Death in Venice
3 The Confessions of Felix Krull
4 The Magic Mountain

Answer:The Magic Mountain

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