English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 8

1 Who published the first collected edition of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s poems in 1918 ?
1 Robert Bridges
2 Coventry Patmore
3 John Betjeman
4 Stephen Spender

Answer: Robert Bridges
2 Samuel Richardson named his heroine Pamela after one of the characters in __________.
1 Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene
2 William Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis
3 Philip Sidney’s Arcadia
4 Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Answer:Philip Sidney’s Arcadia
3 Pinter once admitted that he first became aware of the dramatic power of the pause from seeing a popular American comedian. Which one ?
1 Bob Hope
2 W. C. Fields
3 Jack Benny
4 Charlie Chaplin

Answer:Jack Benny
4 Charles Dickens’s Bleak House is pointedly critical of England’s :
1 Privy Council
2 Court of Appeal
3 Court of Chancery
4 military courts

Answer: Court of Chancery
5 Which of the following is NOT true of the ideal state in Thomas More’s Utopia ?
1 Personal property, money and vice are effectively abolished.
2 The root causes of crime, ambition and political conflict, are eliminated.
3 There is only one religion guided by the principle of a benevolent Supreme Being.
4 Its priesthood, which includes some women, is limited in number.

Answer:There is only one religion guided by the principle of a benevolent Supreme Being.
6 Which novel of Thomas Hardy begins with the sombre description of Egdon Heath ?
1 Jude the Obscure
2 The Return of the Native
3 Far from the Madding Crowd
4 Under the Greenwood Tree

Answer:The Return of the Native
7 The metrical form of Gower’s Confessio Amantis is :
1 iambic pentameter
2 anapestic trimeter
3 octosyllabic couplets
4 trochaic tetrameter

Answer:octosyllabic couplets
8 What happens to the lock of hair at the end of Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock ?
1 It is given back to its rightful owner.
2 It is preserved in a monument.
3 It turns into a star.
4 It is presented to the poet as a token of gratitude.

Answer: It turns into a star.
9 The Bard. The Iron Lady. The King.

The above are examples of :

1 anacoluthon
2 aposiopesis
3 asyndenton
4 antonomasia

Answer: antonomasia
10 Which of the following novels by Margaret Atwood depicts the historical event of the notorious murders committed in 1843 ?
1 The Blind Assassin
2 Alias Grace
3 Cats Eye
4 Oryx and Crake

Answer: Alias Grace
11 Which of the following poems by W. B. Yeats repudiates the sensual world in favour of “the artifice of eternity” ?
1 “Under Ben Bulben”
2 “Among School Children”
3 “Sailing to Byzantium”
4 “After Long Silence”

Answer: “Sailing to Byzantium”
12 Which of the following characters in Moby Dick falls overboard and turns insane as a result ?
1 Pip
2 Queequeg
3 Starbuck
4 Tashtego

13 Which of the following poems by Seamus Heaney is dedicated to the Irish poet Paul Muldoon ?
1 “The Loaning”
2 “The Sandpit”
3 “A Migration”
4 “Widgeon”

14 In Canterbury Tales who has a red face full of sores ?
1 the Summoner
2 the Shipman
3 the Yeoman
4 the Reeve

Answer: the Summoner
15 The pace of speech is called :
1 syllable
2 loudness
3 tempo
4 pitch


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