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Synonyms MCQ - Objective Questions and Answers for SSC Exam | Page-4


In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

31 Vigilant
A watchful
B smart
C ambitious
D intelligent

Answer: Option [A]
32 Imply
A comply
B confirm
C connote
D conclude

Answer: Option [C]


33 Fortitude
A courage
B prudence
C support
D sincerity

Answer: Option [A]
34 Anguish
A conflict
B anger
C agony
D trouble

Answer: Option [C]
35 Dissuade
A worry
B disturb
C encourage
D discourage

Answer: Option [D]
36 Thrive
A flourish
B destroy
C raise
D create

Answer: Option [A]
37 Clone
A make
B trace
C mould
D copy

Answer: Option [D]
38 Instinctive
A crucial
B inherent
C helpful
D strong

Answer: Option [B]
39 Mendicant
A beggar
B adviser
C reformer
D dealer

Answer: Option [A]
40 Spurious
A true
B fictional
C fake
D particular

Answer: Option [C]


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