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Synonyms MCQ - Objective Questions and Answers for SSC Exam | Page-2


In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

11 Robust
A able
B wear
C useless
D stupid

Answer: Option [A]
12 Reluctant
A worried
B unwilling
C inclined
D ready

Answer: Option [B]


13 Cautiously
A genuinely
B secretly
C somewhat
D carefully

Answer: Option [D]
14 Grand
A noble
B great
C splendid
D aristocratic

Answer: Option [C]
15 Distinguish
A darken
B confuse
C abolish
D Differentiate

Answer: Option [D]
16 Condemn
A blame
B hate
C underrate
D avoid

Answer: Option [A]
17 Adversity
A mediocrity
B misfortune
C failure
D mishap

Answer: Option [B]
18 Insolent
A rude
B proud
C assertive
D nervous

Answer: Option [A]
19 Liberal
A educated
B progressive
C tolerant
D generous

Answer: Option [D]
20 Banish
A exile
B imprison
C execute
D domicile

Answer: Option [A]

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