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71 In the battle of Saraighat (1671) between Ahoms and Mughals, the Ahom Army was commanded by Lachit Barphukan. Who was the commander of Mughals?
A Ram Singha
B Askar Khan
C Mir Jumla
D Bakht Khan

Answer: Option [A]
72 Famous Kamrupi poet Hema Saraswati was a court poet of Kamatapur's King
A Nara Narayan
B Dharma Narayan
C Vaidyadeva
D Durlabh Narayan

Answer: Option [D]
73 In January 1663, Treaty of Ghilajharighat was signed by Ahoms with the Mughal commander:
A Abu Bakar
B Raja Ram Singha
C Mir Jumla
D Mirza Nathan

Answer: Option [C]
74 The Pasupatinath temple inscription in Nepal refers to “Gaudradi Kalingkashala Patti”. Who was he?
A Sri Harsha Dev
B Harshavardhan
C Bhaskar Varman
D Yasovarman

Answer: Option [A]
75 According to Ramayana, Amurtaraja was the founder of the kingdom of
A Pragjyotisha
B Srihat
C Koch Behar
D Darrang

Answer: Option [A]

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