Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-18

86 What was the similarity among Hem Saraswati, Kaviratna Saraswati and Hari Har Bipra?
A All were Kamrupi Spies
B All were Kamrupi Poets
C All were Kamrupi Priests
D All were Kamrupi Sadagars

Answer: Option [B]
87 The language used in the inscription of the Koch kings was:
A Sanskrit
B Assamese
C Persian
D Bengali

Answer: Option [A]
88 In which year the Mughals Attack Ahom Kingdom for the first time?
A 1608
B 1612
C 1614
D 1615

Answer: Option [D]
89 What was staple crop in ancient Assam?
A Coconut
B Barley
C Rice
D Wheat

Answer: Option [C]
90 Chandibar was the great grandfather of whom?
A Damodar Dev
B Sankardeva
C Madhava Dev
D Gopal Dev

Answer: Option [B]

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