Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-8

36 The Marangikhowa Gohain was the governor of
A Solal province
B Kamrup
C Marangi province
D Sadiya province

Answer: Option [C]
37 The Ahom first used the saka era during the reign of
A Suhungmung
B Pratap Singha
C Sukapha
D Subinpha

Answer: Option [A]
38 The first Ahom Barbarua was
A Lachit
B Momai Tamuli
C Badanchandra
D Langi Panihya

Answer: Option [B]
39 One of the disciples of Sankardeva was
A Madhav kandali
B Mahendra Narayan
C Naranarayan
D Chand Khan

Answer: Option [D]
40 Name of the Ahom king who married the koch princess Mongaldoi
A Sukhampha
B Surampha
C Suhungmung
D Suklengmung

Answer: Option [A]

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