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Biology MCQs and Answers for CBSE PMT Exam

16 A chromosome with centromere near the middle is called
A metacentric
B submetacentric
C acrocentric
D telocentric

Answer: Option [B]

A chromosome with centromere near the middle is called submetacentric. Submetacentric means that the centromere is positioned below the middle, with one chromosome arm shorter than the other, often resulting in an L shape.

17 X-chrosome is
A Telocentric
B Submetacentric
C Acrocentric
D Acentric

Answer: Option [B]

The correct answer is Submetacentric. The X chromosome is a medium-sized submetacentric chromosome. Banding with Giemsa or 5-bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU)-acridine orange allows it to be easily distinguished from chromosomes 6 and 7 that are the closest submetacentric chromosomes in size.

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18 Y-chromosome is
A Acrocentric
B Telocentric
C Submetacentric
D Acentric

Answer: Option [A]

Y-chromosome is Acrocentric. Cytogenetically, the human Y is an acrocentric chromosome composed of two pseudoautosomal regions (PARs), a short arm (Yp) and the long arm (Yq) that are separated by a centromere.

19 A giant chromosome with a number of chromonemeta is
A Lampbrush chromosome
B Hetero chromosome
C Supernumerary chromosome
D Polytene chromosome

Answer: Option [D]

A giant chromosome with a number of chromonemeta is Polytene chromosome. Polytene chromosomes are large chromosomes found in the salivary glands of insects. Balbiani discovered them in 1881. They're also known as salivary gland chromosomes because they were discovered in the salivary glands. Because they have a lot of chromonemata, they're called polytene.

20 Chromatid is
A one half of chromosome
B haploid chromosome
C complete chromosome
D duplicate chromosome

Answer: Option [A]

Chromatid is one half of chromosome. A chromatid is one of the two identical halves of a chromosome that has been replicated in preparation for cell division. The two “sister” chromatids are joined at a constricted region of the chromosome called the centromere.

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